Reduce Clutter you will Improve Your ROI

Whether in your home or office when you reduce clutter you will improve your return on investment. Your investment in your home would be items that you purchased for a reason and now they are lost.And because you can’t find them you go out and buy another one.

This week I worked in a construction office with another very seasoned organizer. We worked with the top level men in the office to help them eliminate things that they no longer needed.

Most of the men, especially those in the “C” positions were reluctant to start the elimination process. They found other things to do besides organizing their office. We didn’t let them off the hook that easy!


We were consistent in going back into their offices and insist that they find something that they could throw away or shred. After a few minutes of being persistent, they got started and began to reduce clutter. One person found 5 large contractor bags of paperwork that needed to be shred. Another cleared off an entire bookcase of paperwork. Several others eliminated several file drawers of paperwork that they thought they were to keep. When we they found out that they could shred years and years of project paperwork they were very happy. They actually became excited!

How often do your employees purge their files? They probably don’t purge them enough.

Purging files (physically and electronically) is important for the overall health of your company and to reduce clutter. And sometimes an extra person is all it takes to start the decluttering process. The time spent on decluttering an office will save you time every day. One person this week found one extra hour a week because he will not have to spend time thumbing through paperwork to find what he needs. An a weekly salary of $2000 the company just gained $2,600 in lost revenue from that one employee.  ($50/week x 52 weeks). Multiple that times 10 employees and that is $26,000 saved.

Can you relate to what I am sharing?

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Here is a link to the program that we provide for companies. Invest in your company by investing in your employees. The skills that they will leave can transfer to their family and home too.


Linda Clevenger

Organization Direct