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    What Do you Do with All the Paper?

      I hear it from just about everyone that I work with…what do you do with all the paper? There are files, paperwork, mail, coupons, and receipts. Before you...

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    Do You See Squirrels?

    Do you see squirrels climbing around in the trees outside the windows, instead of paying attention to what you really should be doing – like checking off the things...

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    Paperwork Can Cause Stress

    The amount of paperwork that we receive every day just gets overwhelming and paperwork can cause stress. Paperwork is the hot topic for most every one of my business...

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    The Efficiency of Your File Management System

    Take a peak at the efficiency of your file management system and determine if it is meeting your needs. Are you still spending too much time “looking” for paperwork?...

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    An Organized Veteran’s Day

    To honor Veteran’s Day, I first have to thank my husband and daughter for their service to our Country. I didn’t come from a military family. I had no...

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