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Get your property listed faster and with less stress!

Are you a Realtor that wants to put a client’s home on the market but can’t because there is too much work involved to prepare the home to list and your client doesn’t have the time or energy to do it?

We can help!

Organization Direct has worked with many realtors to prepare both home and commercial spaces for listing. Some of the services that we offer Your Clients include:

  • Connecting Your Client with the right person for an estate sale
  • Introducing them to companies that will buy your furniture and then remove it
  • Making donations to local charities (we Love to support our local Veteran charities)
  • Hauling items away (or making the connection with a dumpster company that will expedite the process)
  • Helping your Client make decisions about what to do with items in their home, (Keep, Toss, Donate or Eliminate)
  • Home Clear-Out (when items need to be removed in order for the Contractors to come in and work their magic)
  • Support through the process of making decisions to Keep, Toss, Donate or Eliminate
  • Assistance finding a moving company
  • Packing of items that will be kept (with everything clearly identified)
  • Help unpacking and organizing their new space

For larger issues like flooded basements, we have a preferred company for fast, efficient clean-up of the water; solving the problem quickly and getting your listing on the market. We also help clients who move into a space that has been flooded – once clean-up is complete, we help clients organize and unpack to get their life back to normal as soon as possible.

Want to transform your listing with staging and design for a new, fresh look?

With an interior designer on staff, we can offer personalized solutions to help you give your listing a customized presence and view that is attractive to others and help them visualize themselves in your space OR update your space with creative ideas for an entirely new look!

Home Redesign and Staging Solutions can include:

  • Color and style changes
  • Space planning and furniture arrangement
  • Window Treatments, Blinds, Pillows and Accent Pieces
  • Cabinetry updates
  • Furniture to fit the space
  • Re-Upholstery of current furniture

Don’t Agonize – Get Organized with Organization Direct!

At Organization Direct, we have personalized organizing solutions to de-clutter, organize and transform any home or office. If you have a situation that is not mentioned above, no worries! We are only a phone call, text 540-220-5912 or email away!

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