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We work together with you to develop better more consistent ways to do things so you get more done without stress and overwhelm.

Have you ever wanted to “find” more time in your day? Do you feel as if you could be so much more productive? Organization Direct helps you identify wasted time and provides you with solutions that work with your own personality. It is easy to “go squirrel” and become distracted – and waste your time. We are the little voice in your head that helps hold you accountable to making smart decisions about how you manage yourself and your time.

We will:

  • Identify which of the 4 styles of organizing fits your style so we can best determine how you should organize your space:
    • Maintaining Style
    • Harmonizing Style
    • Innovating Style
    • Prioritizing Style
  • Identify time-suckers and how to eliminate them and/or fine-tune them. We will help you identify exactly how much time is wasted every day.
  • Using technology to manage time more efficiently. Find what works and stick with it – stop reinventing the wheel.
  • Develop strategies on prioritizing and finding focus. We work with you to define what pulls you away from what is important to your daily schedule.

This is a 12 week coaching program.

We hold an initial Coaching call then weekly 30-45 minute follow-up calls are scheduled at a time that works for you. Together we will develop a system to effectively track your schedule. What works best for you – a paper calendar, google, outlook or another system. Knowing what is on your calendar allows you to manage your time more efficiently and effectively.

During our twelve weeks together you will discover what is slowing your productivity and what distracts you from getting work done. You will also learn a very effective system of breaking down goals to ensure that they are met. Plus, we help you to train your brain to think about the steps of a project and help you identify key strategies for finding more time each day. Determine exactly what can you delegate and learn how you can get others to help you – and make them think it was their idea!

Reclaim Your Space and Take Back Your Life

Clutter and chaos can cause stress, anxiety and affect your home life and your productivity at work; sometimes, it is just too much for you to handle by yourself. At Organization Direct, we have personalized organizing solutions that work with your lifestyle to de-clutter, organize and transform your home and office. Contact us today! Don’t Agonize – Get Organized with Organization Direct!

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