Our Process

Every Client is Unique

At Organization Direct we provide personalized solutions to your organizing needs.

Our process includes:

  • A meeting (in person or via the phone) to talk with you about your specific needs, desires and goals for your area. We also have a recommended Time, Space and Style Inventory Questionnaire for our clients. This tells us your specific personality and helps us help you make effective decisions to organize your space.
  • Regardless of whether you use our online questionnaire, our discussion will be based around you as a person and how we can help you meet and reach your personal and/or business goals to become organized.
  • Once we have met (on the phone or in person), we can begin discuss whether your goals can be met virtually (via the phone or online) or in person (via hands-on organizing). Virtual organizing allows us to help clients all over the US to reach their organizing goals.
  • Every client receives an Agreement that includes a breakdown of our conversation and a breakdown of your goals.
  • We also include a Confidentiality Agreement and a Photo Consent (which is optional).
  • Every client is given an estimate of time that we anticipate to complete a project. Of course, this is only an estimate. The amount of time that it takes to complete a project can be determined by a number of factors, including:
    • The ability to make quick decisions regarding items
    • The amount of paperwork involved
    • The use of multiple staff members vs 1-1 organizing
    • Whether contractors are needed for installation purposes or to help build a newly designed space
    • Availability of organizers to schedule your project

Typically, larger projects are asked for an initial deposit in order to start the project. This 50% deposit is based on the estimated number of hours until completion. (This may be adjusted as the lead organizer deems appropriate). After an initial deposit is made and these hours are exhausted two options are available – a “pay as you go” option where payment is made at the end of every visit or for larger projects, an “end of the month” payment is available. The end of the month option is the most popular. Hours are tracked throughout the month and the balance of hours for that month are due on the last scheduled appointment for the month.

Reclaim Your Space and Take Back Your Life

Clutter and chaos can cause stress, anxiety and affect your home life and your productivity at work; sometimes, it is just too much for you to handle by yourself. At Organization Direct, we have personalized organizing solutions that work with your lifestyle to de-clutter, organize and transform your home and office. Contact us today! Don’t Agonize – Get Organized with Organization Direct!

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