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When life requires that you downsize and/or relocate we help you make the decision about what to keep, donate and/or eliminate to make your new home organized and cluttered-free.

We will…

  • Assist with the elimination of unneeded, unwanted and unnecessary items (we have the strong backs to help you)
  • Do the research to find the best moving options for your situation
  • Packing of non-breakable items which will save your $$$ (we leave the packing of breakable items to the movers)
  • Assist with the unpacking of your home
  • Set-up and organize your new home

We are caring, compassionate and understanding that your relocation/downsizing is not easy. There is a chance that you are leaving your life-long home full of memories and this new stage in your life is difficult at best. Our caring and dedicated staff consider your feelings and desires and work hard to help you through this emotional time. We listen…not just hear what you are saying.

Reclaim Your Space and Take Back Your Life

Clutter and chaos can cause stress, anxiety and affect your home life and your productivity at work; sometimes, it is just too much for you to handle by yourself. At Organization Direct, we have personalized organizing solutions that work with your lifestyle to de-clutter, organize and transform your home and office. Contact us today! Don’t Agonize – Get Organized with Organization Direct!

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