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    What is Your Excuse?

    What is your excuse for (you fill in the blank)? Excuses are easy to come by and can be hard to resist. Especially when there are dozens of other...

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    What New Year Resolutions Will you Break in 2013?

    What New Year Resolution Will You Break This Year? Yup…you’ve got it right, I said it!  What New Year Resolutions will you break in 2013?  When you think about...

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    Do You Have Good Habits?

    Being organized involves developing a habit for everything that we do.  With so many new applications for our phones,computers and tablets, we can easily get side-tracked from what we...

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    Time Management Takes Focus

    I’ve talked to so many people this week and they all seem to have the same struggle with time management.  Maybe you can relate too.  Their issue is that...

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