Top #7 Packing Tips

When we were active duty with the Marine Corps, we moved every 3 years.

We had to make sure that we only took what we needed to the next duty station because if our household items weighed more than our allowable amount it would cost us quite a bit of money to move. We definitely didn’t want the move to cost us money – rather, we wanted to make money on the move. This is why we always did what is called a “Ditty Move”. We packed ourselves, rented the UHaul, loaded it all by ourselves and unpacked it too. The key was to have everything streamlined and organized and make the transition as easy as possible.

Maybe this is why I love the downsizing part of business the most. I have lived through the transition of moving out of State, moving with small children (the youngest was 10 days old one time), not having anyone around to help and having to figure it all out on my own. (Because most of the time we weren’t at a new location very long before hubby took off for some type of training and left me alone with 3 children.

If you, your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles or friends are considering downsizing; here are my best Packing Tips:

  1. Get rid of what you don’t want to take with you before you move. Don’t wait to do it when you arrive at your new home! You will be way too busy to want to deal with going through it all.
  2. Take pictures of everything! Make sure that you take pictures of serial numbers, damage to your items (or lack of damage).
  3. Have a VIP folder that you carry with you during the move. This is all of your important papers that you need to have handy.
  4. Use smaller boxes to pack items – they will weigh less and you will be able to handle them easier.
  5. Use regular packing boxes from Home Depot or UHaul. While it is great to use the free boxes from the ABC store-it is easier to pack the boxes in a UHaul when they are all the same size. You can play a serious game of Tetrus!
  6. Pack appropriately – Like with Like items! Don’t just toss things in a box to fill it up.
  7. Take pictures of important items before you box them up and mark the outside of each box with items that are in it. It is also a good idea to give each box a number. You don’t have to be OCD about it – but it is great to know that the toaster is in Kitchen Box #2. This is also really helpful when you unload the boxes. You know which room to put the box to be unpacked.

BONUS TIP – When packing pictures or artwork, use your phone to take a picture of the item. Print it out and put it on the outside of the packing material. This way you can quickly put pictures in the right room to be unpacked.

EXTRA BONUS TIP – Move your valuables yourself. Put them in your car and hand-carry them to your next destination. Don’t leave them to the temptation of movers and have them disappear. (Movers should not move jewelry, money or valuables).

If you need help downsizing, packing, unpacking or anything else involved in a move, reach out to us for a Free consult! You can schedule your appointment right through our website!