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    What Do you Do with All the Paper?

      I hear it from just about everyone that I work with…what do you do with all the paper? There are files, paperwork, mail, coupons, and receipts. Before you...

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    Where Do You Store Paperwork?

      Where do you store paperwork to make sure that you can find it when you need it? The gut-wrenching feeling of    not being able to find important paperwork...

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    The Efficiency of Your File Management System

    Take a peak at the efficiency of your file management system and determine if it is meeting your needs. Are you still spending too much time “looking” for paperwork?...

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    An Organized Veteran’s Day

    To honor Veteran’s Day, I first have to thank my husband and daughter for their service to our Country. I didn’t come from a military family. I had no...

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    The Shortlist of Overwhelm

     The shortlist of overwhelm can include the following. What causes you to feel overwhelmed? Wasting time trying to find something (even a piece of paper) Trying to do everything...

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    5 Reasons to File Your Paperwork

    Do you file your paperwork on a regular basis? I know that many of you are going paperless – and that is great! However, not everyone is comfortable eliminating...

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