Where Do You Store Paperwork?

Life in Case - Your LifeSaver
Life – in Case of an Emergency


Where do you store paperwork to make sure that you can find it when you need it? The gut-wrenching feeling of    not being able to find important paperwork such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, DD214’s (for the military), social security cards, passports and other important paperwork is unbelievable. To reproduce all of that paperwork takes time (and money)!.


Keeping Original Paperwork

Some paperwork requires you  to keep the original document. Among those mentioned above, there is also Life Insurance Policies and death certificates need to be saved. And, when it comes to your investment paperwork, don’t forget to keep all of your year end statements and any statements that indicate that you have withdrawn funds.

Storing Original Paperwork

Where do you store all of this paperwork so that you can find it – when you need it? There is an awesome product that I have started using that even makes it easier than I ever thought possible, to store all original paperwork. It even tells you what paperwork to keep!

Life in Case

Get the name? Life – in case something happens. (Because it will). The Life in Case product makes it easy to keep everything in one place for yourself, when you need it. But, more important…it allows your family members to know where they can find anything in case of an emergency. It is easy to work with because it easily fits into a fire proof safe as a “Grab and Go” system.

Why Life in Case? Let’s face it: some change is great like moving to a new home, getting married or heading off to college but some change is not what we asked for – like divorce, medical issues, or even downsizing to a smaller home or assisted living – whether it’s good or bad; change still happens so we might as well be prepared for it!

I just needed an original birth certificate for my 5 year old in order to sign her up for child care at our drop-off sitter service at the mall. I quickly opened the appropriate folder in my Life in Case and copied it for the child care center. As my little girl would say…”easy-peasy, lemon-squeezie”.

The 5 folders in Life in Case make it easy for you to know exactly what to file and where to file it (and find it!).

Another reason that I love my Life in Case – they support our military members! As the spouse of a retired Marine and the mother of a daughter who served in the Army, I totally support our military in every way possible. Life in Case even has cases dedicated to each branch of our military. Army, Marines, Navy, National Guard and Air Force cases are available. I wish that I had known about this back in 1983 when I married my husband. Life in Case would have been so helpful to keep everything organized.

Storing your paperwork is easy with Life in Case.  And, truthfully, if a system isn’t easy, it isn’t for me! I always adopt the K.I.S.S. Method (Keep It Simple and Silly – or Stupid). Life doesn’t have to be completed when you have a Life in Case!