So…You Are Really Prepared for the Storm?

When I watch television (which isn’t very often) and I hear about the expected bad weather that we had this weekend, and then see the shots of everyone rushing to the grocery store for milk, eggs and bread, I wonder to myself…does this one stop purchase mean that you are really prepared for the storm?

Of course, this does not make you really prepared for the upcoming storm. This allows you to be prepared for a few days (witSnow Happensh items that you should probably already have anyway). This is why being organized is so important.

What if the storm came so suddenly that you didn’t have time to get to the grocery or supply store? Would you be able to survive for at least several days?  Hhmmm…..  There are certain things that a business (and home) should always have available.

Let’s play the “what if” card? If I am in the middle of a major client project and need to print out materials, and I run out of ink for my printer, it is a big deal for me. Getting a replacement ink cartridge means that I have to drive into town – and this will cost me an entire morning (or afternoon). I don’t know about you, but I don’t schedule extra hours in the day to run errands. Of course, I can order one online. However, to have it rush shipped to me? How is that cost effective to my business?

I also always have at least 6 stamps on hand. Yup, I said it, the old-fashioned stamps that are used to mail letters. That is my personality. Every month I mail at least 6 letters so, and these 3 stamps cost me just under $3. That is still less than a gallon of gas in Virginia. And, the nearest post office is still 20 minutes away. Now, I do know that stamps are a commodity that I can purchase online. I just haven’t done it yet! (This is something that will change in 2014 to save time).

Being prepared with everyday items will make life so much easier. What this means, is that you really should have areas organized and know exactly where to look for things such as stamps, toilet paper, and ink cartridges – among many other things that are required for everyday life.

Being organized and prepared isn’t difficult.  Just think through the things that you use every day and designate a “home” for these items. Batteries are another item that every home and office should have an extra supply hanging around. And another thing that I never run out of is paper for my printer. I save $$$ and buy it by the case.

Of course, before you make large purchases, ensure that you have a space available to store it! If not, this will simply cause clutter, and this is not your goal. Having an organized area where you can find what you need, when you need it, without having to search for it is an awesome benefit for both your home and office.

One of the easiest ways to make sure that you have what you need is to take an inventory of your home and office at the beginning of every month. Doing things one time vs. multiple times throughout the month will again, save time and money.

 What are your time saving and money savings tips to stay organized? Shoot me an email and let me know what works for you.