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Declutter Your Kitchen: 10 Things To Get Rid Of

The kitchen is perhaps the most-used space in the home. As food is such an integral part of our day, we rely on our kitchen space quite a bit. The best way to make your kitchen easier to use (not to mention far more pleasant) is to get rid of all the unnecessary junk that’s been taking up space. At Organization Direct, we are experts in helping you figure out the things that you no longer need. Let’s start by getting rid of these 10 common kitchen culprits. 

 1. Fridge Magnets

 Ah, fridge magnets. Every Chinese restaurant used to give away promotional fridge magnets with their menu and phone number listed brazenly on it. They were actually quite helpful — before the era of smartphones. Now, every delivery place in the area is listed on a Google search page. Toss the magnets and clear up valuable space on what should otherwise be a clean, pleasant surface. 

 2. Glass Jars

 You won’t re-use them. I promise. They’re tedious, break easily, and not a particularly effective way to store things. Unless you use these every week, throw them out. 

 3. Tupperware / Tupperware Lids

 Most of us hang on to excess lids, assuming that we will one day be reunited with our lost containers. Go ahead and toss the extra lids and containers you don’t use.

 4. Sauce / Condiments

 The fridge is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to clutter because we hate wasting food. However, much of our food sits in the fridge going bad. It’s far better to take stock of what you actually use and toss or give away the rest.

 5. Unused Appliances

 A juicer that you used once five years ago can easily be sold for a handsome $50 online. Appliances like these take up a ton of cabinet space and get in the way of more important items. Our team specializes in taking stock of things like these and decluttering as needed. 

 6. Old dish towels

 You probably don’t need more than two or three of these, yet most of us have a drawer stuffed to the gills with them.

 7. Cookbooks

 The cookbook that you bought when you thought you might become vegan for a month isn’t serving much of a purpose anymore, is it? It’s okay. Give it to someone who wants it. 

 8. The Junk Drawer

 Just about everyone has a drawer full of miscellaneous things that they don’t have a place for. Challenge yourself to find a place for every one of those items so you can keep your space organized and neat. 

 9. Duplicate Cooking Tools

 Do you have two or three of the same kind of spatula, but you only ever use one? Save yourself from washing too many dishes and pare your kitchen tool inventory down to the basics. 

 10. Spices

 Take a look in the spice cabinet and remove whichever spices you haven’t used in more than a month. We often buy one or two spices for a specific recipe, only to never use it again.

It can be hard to figure out the things that you need to toss out but if you need helping downsizing or decluttering, Organization Direct can help. Contact us today and get your space back!