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    Being Prepared for Emergencies

    I don’t think that we can ever say that we feel 100% sure that we are prepared for emergencies. If we could plan for them, they wouldn’t be emergencies,...

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    The Real Cost of a Storage Unit

    The real cost of a storage unit is not just the monthly check or automatic withdrawal from your bank account. Besides the financial stress (which is usually not a...

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    Top 20 Organizing Tips – Week #2

    Welcome to Week #2 of our Summer Top 20 Organizing Tips.I hope that you have implemented some of last week’s tips and are on the road to getting your...

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    Top 20 Organizing Tips – Week #1

    This is the first of our Summer Top 20 Organizing Tips. In each of our next 4 newsletters I will share 5 Organizing Tips. In total, we will share...

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    Find Time to Rest

    Last summer we took a much needed (and over-extended) vacation to the mid-west US. We travelled through 15 States, saw the sites, enjoyed the beauty, and most of all,...

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    Mind Clutter is Overwhelming

    Mind clutter is overwhelming. I’m just arriving back from a Conference with over 500 Entrepreneurs in my industry. I have to say that I was a bit nervous…thinking about how...

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    Does More Sleep Help You Get Organized?

    Does more sleep help you get organized? I believe that it does! And, I’ve adapted my morning schedule to prove this point. I used to get up at least...

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    How Do You Start Your Day?

    Think about it – How Do you Start Your Day? I asked this question to a group of ladies over the weekend. I have spoken at this forum for...

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    Getting Rid of the Clutter

    Getting rid of the clutter sounds like an awesome idea, right? Clutter doesn’t mean that you are a “Hoarder”. Clutter can mean different things to different people. It really...

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    Are You Getting Organized?

    I have had to ask myself this question – are you getting organized? Yes, even though I help people  and businesses get organized, there seemed to be no time...

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