How Do You Start Your Day?

Good Morning
Good Morning

Think about it – How Do you Start Your Day? I asked this question to a group of ladies over the weekend. I have spoken at this forum for years, but this year my talk about time management, schedule management and paper management was different.

Take a real hard look at How Do You Start Your Day?

We all have the goal to be uber-productive, right? We really do know what needs to be done. We have a list (probably a mile long) of things that we really need to get done. I believe, that our productivity (or not) can be directly related to the “Way” that you Start Your Day”!

Before becoming an Entrepreneur and being the person that wears every hat in a small business, life was, in a lot of ways, much easier.  Those of you who work in Corporate America may not agree so much, but I’m telling you that it was easier to work in a 9-5 office. (My caveat… I’m not saying that it was less stressful…just easier).  A well-organized office had cross-trained their staff in case someone was out of the office so business continued as normal (or close to normal) as possible.

Since starting my own business, and it has become even more important that I start my day off right to make sure that I am productive! If it is to be, it is up to me! This is why I have a routine that I follow every day so that 8-10 hours later, I feel accomplished by what I have done.

I asked my Saturday group to shout out things that were on their Daily To Do List! Most of the ladies fit into one of three categories: stay at home moms, senior citizens (over 70) and working moms. Since there weren’t a lot of Entrepreneurs or business owners, their daily lists included:



Children’s activities

Paperwork (mail)

My Daily List includes:

Social Media


Paperwork (minimal)

Client follow-ups

Business meetings

Cloud documentation

My list is slightly different from their list.

 One of the comments that the group responded to the most was this, “Start your day with the attitude of gratitude for the simple fact that your feet hit the floor!” “Walk to the bathroom and smile in the mirror and say, ‘I am great!’ over and over again until you just can’t stop smiling.” Make that cup of coffee or tea and pretend you are Santa – pull out your list and check it twice! What has to be done right away? Do it now. Do not procrastinate and tell yourself that you will get to it later. Do it, and move on to the next thing and the next thing and the next thing. Be productive and happy. Be glad that you are able to check items off of your list.

I challenge you to start your day right…with a positive attitude that will bring your Blessings in abundance. I promise, you will reap the rewards of accomplishment and it will dictate your entire day.

Share with me how you start your day! I’d love to hear your story.

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