Are You Getting Organized?

Unorganized Office
Is this Your Office

I have had to ask myself this question – are you getting organized? Yes, even though I help people  and businesses get organized, there seemed to be no time to work on my own organizational needs. Why, because I’m a mom, a wife, and an Entrepreneur! I have the same challenges as you do. After all, I’m human and of course, I have a tendency to put my own needs last. But, just like you, that can only last a while before you have to take action.

So that is what we did this weekend. I knew that my office setup was not working well for me. Things needed to be tweaked, it needed to be more attractive and flow better. I needed to have more room on my desk to help with my creativity and reduce clutter. The best part about all of this….I had everything that I needed. I just had to enlist a little help from the men in the house – really just needed their backs. And, within just 2 short hours, I feel SO much better. And this, will ensure that I am more productive!    (And, no, this is not my office!) 

What area do you need to get organized? If there are multiple areas that you need to organize and you don’t know where to start try asking yourself these questions:

  • What area causes you the most stress?
  • After this area is organized, how will it impact my family, day, structure?
  • How will I feel about this area after it is organized?

Let’s check out some examples of areas that you may need to organize and how getting them organized can help you in ways that you may not have thought about.

1. Organizing your Closet. Think about this, how much time do you spend (and waste) in the morning trying to figure out what to wear? Looking for that blouse that goes with those pants. It is in the closet somewhere…but where? In the meantime, you have completely trashed the top of the bed with all of the clothes that you have pulled out to find that 1 blouse! And, now, you are running late…so you rush out the door, knowing all day long that you will come home to the pile of clothes that are still on the bed. How does that make you feel?

2. The same scenerio can be used for paperwork. You are looking for that one bill that is due or the child’s paperwork that needs to be signed, or the client invoice that you need to send out in order to get paid. You quickly go through everything to find what you need, only to now have unmanageable piles of paperwork everywhere. And, of course, something comes up and you will have to get back to the paperwork later.

Organzed Office Space
Can You Work in This Office?

3. There is a list of things that you need to do today. And, you forgot to write them all down. You know – in the back of your head, that you are forgetting something but can’t remember what it is. How long will you rack your brain trying to remember what it is you need to remember?

Taking the time to develop systems and processes may seem daunting. I promise that you won’t be sorry when you make the decision to start getting organized. The key to it all is Start somewhere – preferably whatever causes you the most stress.

Even if you don’t need “physical assistance” to get organized, consider an Organizing Consultation with a Professional Organizer. The financial investment can be much less and you receive the emotional investment that you need to make a change.