The Efficiency of Your File Management System

Take a peak at the efficiency of your file management system and determine if it is meeting your needs. Are you still spending too much time “looking” for paperwork?

System to Manage your Paperwork
Paper Management System

 Having an efficient File Management System requires an system that you can work “in” and “with”   all year long. Paperwork is one of those necessary evils (like marketing for your business). I know…you can have all of your paperwork digitized, pay your bills online and become as paperless as possible. However, I don’t see how we will be totally paperless any time in the near future. There is a portion of an entire generation don’t believe in – and will never own a computer. (This includes my parents).

What my parents to have, however, is a very efficient file management system.  If something were to happen to them tomorrow (which realistically could, given their age), I could step in and find out everything that I needed to know for their estate.

An efficient File Management System will include the management of daily paperwork, a good filing system and a follow-up system that is easy to follow. I have held tons of seminars on file management systems and everyone seems to be concerned about the same thing…I just have too much paperwork. The key to it all is to know what to do with it and whether you should keep it.

Of course, with tax season upon us in just one short month (yup, I said it!), and a majority of people (and businesses) may take a second look at how they can manage their daily paperwork better in 2014. However, there is still the issue of collecting and gathering everything that you need for 2013.

Imagine being able to “with the snap of your fingers” find whatever you need, when you need it.

If you are looking for increased efficiency, I recommend the SaaS MobilLogic. You can find out more about it here.

MobilLogic - Your World Organized
Organize Your World with MobilLogic

In the meantime, it is important to start with a daily system to manage incoming paperwork. What do you need to keep vs. what do you want to keep (just because you may need it). Seriously folks…if you really need something, you can find it online. This is even evident now for coupons and store discounts.

I recently needed to make some crafting purchases. I can count on one hand how many times I go into a craft store in an entire year. However, I do receive the weekly “sales catalog” via my phone. And, when I went to make my one purchase, I pulled up the most recent ad and received a 50% discount on my item. That 50% purchase saved me $25. Then, I deleted the email – it was expiring the next day.

Make the conscious decision to eliminate paperwork and delete emails that you no longer need. Otherwise, the paperwork quickly becomes mounds and mounds of papers to go through (which is too time consuming to even deal with) and the emails will clog up your inbox. (And, if you are a business owner, this does not look good!)

I know that it is a very busy time of year for everyone. However, taking just a few minutes to set up your system will be time well spent. You won’t regret spending just an hour or two to fine tune your paper management system. If you need assistance with your daily paper system, check out my File It, Find It…FAST System. If you are interested in organizing your business (or home) digitally, save, secure and on the Cloud, check out MobilLogic.com and, don’t forget about all of your important paperwork that you need to have in an emergency. For this purpose, I recommend Life in Case.  

Life in Case - Your LifeSaver
Life – in Case of an Emergency

You don’t have to wait til 2014 to prepare for the New Year!

Linda Clevenger