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LeeLogic Professional Directory

The LeeLogic Professional Directory for Coaches, Consultants, Organizers and Trainers is a great place list your   business and make sure that you are “found”.

I originally signed up to be a part of the LeeLogic Directory over a year ago because I was looking for a way to market my business via social media and the internet. There are always the typical places to market your business…I was looking for a specific place – with a website that really understood me and cared about my business. I was mostly impressed with two specific concepts of the LeeLogic Directory.

First – The other Professional Organizers who were listed in the directory were top-notch! This was definitely a place for Organization Direct to be identified with my peers. You know what they say…you become who you hang around. It was also quick and easy to list my business.

Second – Lee Donald, owner of the LeeLogic Directory, has decades of experience as an Organizer and years of experience in the technology field.  I made an immediate connection with her and quickly identified that she had done her research and knew how to help me market my business.

Most of my virtual clients find Organization Direct through the internet. They search via Google, Bing or Yahoo and through the information that they find, they contact me for assistance and to help them become organized. The LeeLogic Directory helps my business be “found”.

One of the best advantages of the LeeLogic Directory is that it isn’t just for Organizers. Just like a lot of other Organizers, I also Coach, Consult and Train my clients through a variety of resources, i.e. LinkedIn Training, MobilLogic Training, the Organized Entrepreneur Program and others as well. The LeeLogic Directory allows me to market all aspects of my business via one listing.

If you are interested in making a change for your business in 2014, consider checking out the LeeLogic Professional Directory. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to make a statement for your business.

Linda Clevenger

Organization Direct