The Shortlist of Overwhelm

 The shortlist of overwhelm can include the following. What causes you to feel overwhelmed?

  • Wasting time trying to find something (even a piece of paper)
  • Trying to do everything for everyone because, well, it is just easier that way!
  • Everything being so disorganized that you just can’t function in your space
  • An unexpected life-event that turns your world upside down
  • Because you just can’t say the words…”NO”.

Routines and Habits can help you avoid the feeling of overwhelm.  We have so many things that we need to think about, do and are responsible for every day.                                           

System to Manage your Paperwork
Paper Management System

 Wasting time looking for something can dictate your whole attitude. The frustration    of looking for something (and being on a deadline) can totally change your mood. Usually,    you are already on a deadline and the fact that you can’t find what you are looking for just     send you over the edge. (And, this is not the person that you want to be).

 Doing everything yourself just seems to be easier than asking others to help out.    This doesn’t, however, build successful relationships or allow you to have any free time.   Release the control of things that you can and allow others to step up and help you. Together, you can get much more done and have more time to enjoy life.

If everything is unorganized it is time to take action. Start with just one area at a time and go through the sorting and elimination process. If the situation has gotten totally out of control, ask for help from a Professional Organizer. Even you just ask for help to get your organizing process started, it will jumpstart everything and give you the motivation and energy to get everything organized.

“Life” can turn your world upside down. I have found this out first-hand. We have had a major accident; became parents again; had parents with health issues; a wedding – and this is just the short list over the last 6 years.

When “life” happens there are two options to consider. Stepping up to the challenge and figuring out the best way to handle everything – or, give in and give up! For me – Option 2 was not an option. As a member of the sandwich generation, I have had to find a way to deal with my reality and stay organized!

The answer is “No”. Do you remember telling your children “no”? There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with telling them “no”. There was usually a logical explanation for telling them No. So, why do we have trouble saying no to things that will overwhelm us? Learning my limitations was important to my sanity and avoiding the feeling of overwhelm. Remember, you are only one person and you can’t do it all.

 Develop habits and routines that will help you stay organized and avoid overwhelm. These habits should be simple ideas and tasks that will allow others to help you manage your daily routines. You should not be the person in charge of everything and everyone. What would happen if, one day, you are incapacitated and someone else had to take your place? Don’t be selfish – let others help. Your routines and habits will help them stay organized too.

I’d love to hear your overwhelm stories and how getting organized has helped you enjoy your life.

Linda Clevenger

Organization Direct