Time Management Takes Focus

I’ve talked to so many people this week and they all seem to have the same struggle with time management.  Maybe you can relate too.  Their issue is that they know what they need to do, their lists are made,  their intentions are good, they know what they should be doing and what needs to be done – but they just get distracted and go off track, lose focus and wala…accomplish next to nothing.  It seems that both business owners,  Entrepreneurs and homeowners suffer equally.  It seems as if there aren’t enough hours in a day and definitely not enough hours in a week.   Of course, this doesn’t happen to everyone so if you are focused and organized, you don’t need to rProcrastination time management fredericksburg vaead on.

What takes you off track and destroys your focus?  As I met with a business consultant this week, she brought a lot of light to the subject of Time Management.  We hear it all the time, chunk out your schedule, block out time, manage your time in increments (you get the point).  And this is typically the type of Time Management that I practiced and taught, so I thought.

Basic Time Management is all about prioritizing what “Needs” to be done.  There are lots of things that I

would rather be doing but those things won’t usually help me reach my goals…so, prioritizing is a necessity.  I previously wrote about using the Getting Things Done application on my android phone.  This is exactly what this application helps me do – Prioritize my Day.  It helps me avoid procrastination by forcing me to look at what Has to be Done vs. what  I Would Prefer To Do.   One of the homeowners that I met this week struggles seriously from getting side-tracked and has a ton of projects started…but none completed.  It is causing hardship and stress within her family so we talked about how to make effective and productive changes to her Time Management.

Managing your time isn’t easy

There are only 7 weeks left before Christmas and 8 weeks left in the year.  Where did the time go?  As the holidays and the end of another year quickly approach, it is time to give serious thought to Time Management , staying focused and organized.  With more and more special activities that are put onto our calendar, all of the preparation involved in holiday shopping, baking – and, as an Entrepreneur, keeping up with our business, it can be draining and exhausting.

Start now by documenting all of the extra activities that need to be put onto your calendar.  This includes business and personal appointments.  And, if those appointments require gifts to be purchased, identify a time to go shopping for these gifts ahead of time.  (Waiting until the last minute could cost you extra money).  Don’t procrastinate on things that you can do ahead of time.  Also, sit down and take a look at what you intended on doing – but didn’t get around to doing.  Can you identify why your goals weren’t accomplished?  Was it lack of funds, lack of help, lack of ability….or lack of ambition and lack of dedication.

Stay focused and hold yourself responsible to reaching your goals.  Put an end to Procrastination.

Linda Clevenger, Professional Organizer

Organization Direct