Lessons From Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy Destroys Homes

As the East Coast continues to recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it makes me wonder how prepared families were to handle the possibility of losing everything.  I don’t believe that we can be completely 100% prepared for what will happen when a major weather event hits your area.   No amount of water, canned goods, batteries or non-perishable foods will survive a storm that takes your home off of its foundation.  The emotional and mental stress caused by a natural disaster is devastating.  So besides stocking up on toilet paper, milk, eggs and snacks, what can you do to ensure that you get compensated for your items that were lost.

A Home Inventory System will relieve an enormous amount of stress for you and your family.  Of course, we can “remember” what items we had in our home, but what if you could give the insurance company a list of your items lost along with a copy of the receipt to prove their value and a copy of an appraisal of the more expensive items?  Well, there is a way to do this that is easy, simple and will never be lost (even if you had it on your computer that was washed away!)

Mobillogic is a system that allows you to manage, save and organize virtually everything that you own.  You can scan download documents, pictures, insurance policy information, appraisals, home mortgage information, social security numbers, serial numbers of all of your appliances…literally everything can quickly and easily be documented and saved to the Cloud.  One of the best features of Mobillogic is that it has top level security that allows you to know that your personal information is entirely safe.

Hurricane Sandy is proof, yet again, that we are not in control of what happens…our area was spared of damage.  We were lucky and Blessed.  Why take a chance that we will be spared again?  Organize and document your Home Inventory with Mobillogic and release your emotional stress.  Being prepared is easy and necessary.

Linda Clevenger

Organization Direct