What New Year Resolutions Will you Break in 2013?

New Year Resolutions
New Year Resolutions

What New Year Resolution Will You Break This Year?

Yup…you’ve got it right, I said it!  What New Year Resolutions will you break in 2013?  When you think about what you would like to change in 2013 what comes to mind?  The all infamous losing weight, getting organized, spending more time with family and stop smoking are just a few of the top New Year Resolutions.  Which is exactly why, if you watch television at all, you will see more and more advertisements for “ways to lose weight” and “products to get you organized”.  Did you make one of the above New Year Resolutions for 2013?


Even though it is just the beginning of the year, if you are like a majority of people, they have already broken their New Year Resolution.

Why does this happen?  Because making a New Year Resolution requires for you to either make a habit – or change a habit.

Reality is that sometimes we ask too much of ourselves.  Being realistic about what we can handle and how much we can do can be difficult.  So start with small changes that will result in big changes.  Take baby steps toward your goals.  Every goal is just like starting a diet….begin small by going to the gym two days a week.  Then try cutting out sweets.  Next, eliminate sodas and other sweets.  Cutting out one bad habit at a time is much easier than trying the “cold turkey” method.   So, how does this relate to organizing?


Whatever your situation, I’m willing to bet that the 25 pounds you want to lose didn’t magically arrive overnight.  It gradually showed up – first on the hips and then maybe in the belly!   And your space did not become unorganized overnight!  It may have started with the ‘ole “stash and dash” method because company was coming over.  Or business started booming and you just kept saying, “I’ll get to it later”!  So, just like losing weight, don’t expect it to get organized overnight either.  Identifying baby steps that you can take every day will help you get the results that you need and desire.

Create New Habits
Create New Habits


Identify some initial steps that you can take to get started.  A good example of this is organizing your files as your New Year Resolution.  Paper is such an overwhelming task.  Start simple:

1.  Identify what you need to keep.  If you pay a bill online, such as a utility bill, there is not a real need to keep a physical copy of it!  Unless your CPA tells you otherwise, you can always go back online an pull up a copy of your records.  Or, better yet, scan your documents onto a flash drive or external hard drive.

2.  Start now!  Don’t wait until February to get started organizing your paperwork.  Make this New Year Resolution stick.  Having 2012 and 2013 files merging together simply makes the entire process way too overwhelming.

3.  Develop a paper tracking system for every piece of mail.  Have an action folder for Hot and Warm items; a file for children’s paperwork; a file for follow-ups, etc.  For more information about how to specifically set up a system you can visit our website products page.

Take action and develop new habits to Keep Your New Year Resolutions in 2013.  Don’t Agonize – Organize.