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Have you ever used the excuse, “There is not enough time” to get everything done.  Is this because you are confusing busy vs. productive?  Is it that you simply procrastinate?  Try these tips for better time management.

Dealing with your ProcrastinationIf It's Important to You

  • Realize what emotion or block keeps you from completing what you really need to do will increase your time management
  • Identifying your procrastinating techniques
  • Ignore distractions that keep you from reaching even the smallest goal

Your day may be busy.  Packed with appointments, obligations and deadlines.  This can give you the excuse to procrastinate.  Just the idea of everything written on paper or seeing it on your calendar can be overwhelming.  When this happens,time management suffers so  it is important to prioritize your day to ensure that you meet deadlines.

There may be 20 tasks on your To Do List, which all have value and importance.  But, which task is the #1 priority?  Which deadline is (are) due immediately?

Prioritizing your Day Increases Time Management

Prioritizing your day is the best way to increase your time management.  Make the decision about  what “has” to be done vs. what “needs” to be done.  This is the difference between being “busy vs. being productive”.

It is easy to fill your day with busy work and keep from reaching goals and meeting deadlines.  And when this happens who can you blame?  That’s right…the blame is on yourself for not prioritizing goals and deadlines.

  •       Decide what can be put off until the afternoon or tomorrow.  The priority will still be there!
  •       Develop a daily schedule that you follow religiously.  Start your work day on time.
  •       Shut the door, turn off your email and phone, put a Do Not Disturb sign on the window.  Unless there is an emergency, don’t allow yourself to be distracted.

Just last week, while speaking to a Moms group, one mom shared this technique to staying focused and increase time management during her work day to avoid being interrupted.

Do NOT Disturb
Do NOT Disturb

She used the “traffic light” method to notify her family whether or not it was ok to interrupt her day.  If a Green circle was taped or attached to her door that meant, “Yes, you have permission to enter my office.

When a Yellow circle was taped or attached to her door that meant, “Yes, you can enter but at your own risk”.

If a Red circle was taped or attached to the door that meant, “Enter and Die!”  Do NOT bother me right now unless there is a possibility that you are in serious danger.


        Keep Yourself Focused

Busy people are also productive people.  Stay focused on daily priorities and you will reach your goals.  Distractions are the #1 cause of lack of focus.  Being a society of instant gratification we are constantly connected to (and checking) our tablets, phone and laptops for emails and messages.

We don’t want to miss a twitter comment or an email.  One of the best ways to stay focused, when you are working on strict deadlines, is to disconnect yourself from the electronic world.  Turn it all off for at least an hour or two to give yourself a chunk of dedicated time to work on accomplishing your tasks.

I’d love to hear…what is your most productive time of day?  Morning or afternoon?