Do You See Squirrels?

Do you see squirrels climbing around in the trees outside the windows, instead of paying attention to what you really should be doing – like checking off the things that are on your To Do List? It is cute to watch them jump from tree limb to tree limb and chase each other up and down the tree.

It is easy to lose track and focus. Lots of times there are a million other things that I would rather be doing – other than the menial things that are part of my daily routine. I’m just like everyone else. I can be distracted.

So I thought I would share with you some tools that I use to stay focused.

  • Develop routines for everything. I find this particularly helpful with the household activities and the things that need to be done every day. For business this list includes: paperwork, follow-ups, appointment preparation and social media. On the personal/family side, this includes paperwork, homework, laundry/dishes and family time.

Having a system that I follow with every contact, potential client and client takes the guess work out of managing the next step required and allows me to work with multiple clients at the same time. I also use a Cloud system to track everything so that I have all of the important information wherever I am.

  • I start my day with a routine of eating a good breakfast (this includes a nice cup of coffee or tea). I found that I am not as productive when I skip my breakfast routine. I need protein and a little caffeine to start my day.
  • I don’t do drama. This may sound a little arrogant. I won’t apologize for that! I really, don’t do drama. Drama serves no purpose. It is distracting and unproductive. It draws a person away from what they really need to be doing and is a true time-sucker.
  • I handle stress by using Essential Oils. I know that I can’t totally avoid stress. The best laid daily plans can have a monkey wrench thrown into them. I didn’t expect (and couldn’t plan) for my husband to fall off of the roof back in 2007. I don’t plan for my computer to have issues (or crash).  We don’t plan to get into a traffic accident. You get my point.  About 5 years ago, I discovered Young Living Essential Oils and they are instrumental in helping me handle the daily stress of the long, long list of daily activities between home, business, family and activities.
  • I hang out with the right people. My business associates and friends work their business and live their lives the same way. They are goal-driven and live each day with a purpose.

Lastly….my husband and I schedule a family vacation every year! We have already started planning our vacation in June. This year, my husband and I have decided to take an extra-long vacation. Our attitude about vacations has changed in the last few years. We budget well, plan ahead and concentrate make an effort to relax and enjoy the beauty of every day. And…we can answer the question – Do You See Squirrels without distractions.