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Learn proven techniques to:

  • Organize your office
  • Save time
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve your ROI
  • Create a positive work environment


Employees Take Ownership

When employees take ownership of their space and productivity everyone wins. Some of the top recommendations for motivating employees are money, incentives, flexibility, creating a friendly and positive work environment. As a Certified Agile Trainer, we know, first hand, techniques that allow employees to work together toward a goal and encourage conversation and accountability.

Add to this list employees that are organized, that spend less time looking for what they need (both physically and electronically) and you will create a work environment that will increase your profitability and save time and money! Helping your employees learn how to be organized – and stay organized – is one of the best ways to create a positive and productive environment in the work place. This is why we have partnered with an expert in the field of office organization, Sue McMillin. Sue has trained business leaders in the following industries: medical, associations, financial, IT, banking, hotel and non-profit.

My passion to think outside the box in a more Agile mindset meshes well with Sue’s mindset and training. With her long list of training experience throughout the world, it made sense to partner together to help businesses be more productive.

Together, Sue and I offer a One Day Workshops that include hands-on coaching for up to 10 employees. This is a win/win for your company’s ROI (And your employees can use these techniques to help organize them at home too!).

Sue is funny and engaging as she shares the steps to simplify and organize your office (and home). Learn the 3 top reasons that people struggle with clutter, how “going through your work to get to your work” is costing you time and money and finally you’ll see how order positively affects your work & home life.


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Part ONE: Seminar

Strategies for Organizing Your Work

The day begins with a 2 hour seminar where attendees learn the how-to’s of workplace organization, then return to their offices to implement the changes.

In the workplace organization seminar we cover how to:

  • Apply the 5-Step Procedure to workplace organizing
  • Streamline files using the innovative FileMAP® System
  • Track vital papers using the 3D Process
  • Implement the single crucial paradigm that will change the way you work
  • Establish a tracking system for time-sensitive documents
  • Organize your computer files and emails
  • Find any document in 30 seconds
  • Gain 25-40% more filing space
  • Reclaim 50% more usable storage space
  • Save up to an hour a day
  • Save money on supplies

Break for Lunch

Part TWO: Hands-on Coaching

Following the seminar and throughout the day, we rotate between attendees, providing individual assistance and accountability to organize their work space. We will address specific concerns each person has in their own office area.

Through this solution, each participant will learn what to do with each new piece of information, understand how to improve work flow, achieve more productivity, and worry less.

The Proven Benefits of Our Workshop:

  • Create a User-Friendly Space
    • No More Cutter
    • Maximize Space and increase efficiency
  • Time
    • Stop wasting time looking for a piece of paper
    • Stop “going through your work to get to your work”
    • Identify where paperwork and electronic documents are filed quickly
    • Save valuable time every day
    • Less time spent looking for paperwork or files means more time to complete a project
  • Attitude
    • Create a friendly work-environment
    • Organization increases a happier attitude toward work and life
    • Less complaining and more “doing”
    • Effectively manage time-lines and deadlines
    • Increased productivity
    • Improve employee relationships
  • Financial
    • Decrease in turnover and onboarding expenses
    • No loss in productivity when employees are on vacation or long-term leave
    • Save money on costly purchases of supplies


Workshop Testimonials

“Sue met with all of our salespeople and key managers. She works towards having an organized system for each person where they can handle paperwork without piles developing. We hauled off two dumpster loads of trash and greatly improved the efficiency of the office. I would highly recommend her services.”

E.P. Haily, TRANE

“A brief note to tell you the FileMap® seminar and strategy are impressive. I have been searching for ways to develop a sense of team spirit among members of the group, your class has helped to foster that spirit- in addition to helping us get our computer files organized.”

Bissonnette, Victor O. Schinnerer & Company, Inc.

“Largely through your efforts, I have eliminated reams of unnecessary paper and organized my workload more efficiently. I actually have time to plan, to think and to act in a more timely fashion. I can find things when I need them.”

Haslam, Marriott

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Sue McMillinSue McMillin is president of With Time to Spare, a business productivity solutions company offering seminars and hands-on training in organization management to businesses, non-profits and in private homes. A national speaker and author, Sue has been featured in the Washington Post, Changing Times, and Focus on the Family magazines and other publications.

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