Your “Stuff” Doesn’t Define You – Millennials or Gen X

Your “Stuff” does Not Define You!

We are not a society that is defined by the amount of “stuff” we have!  At least not any more. This is the reality that generations are facing right now.

Ask a Millennial or a Gen X – they don’t want your stuff!

And this is what the older generation struggles with. They have saved their “stuff” for their children and now, the children just don’t want it – and yes, feelings are getting hurt! The Baby Boomers don’t even want their own parent’s things! The conversation between the generations  goes something like this…

Too Much Stuff


Parents – What do you mean you don’t want this?  I have been saving it for you for over 25 years!

Kids – Sorry…we don’t want it and don’t need it.  And, nope, we are not attached to it!  So why are you attached to it?  Just let it go!

Parents – But do you know how much money I paid for it!  You seriously just want me to donate it or throw it away?

Kids – Yup!  The fact that you paid too much money for it isn’t my problem!

Parents – Well, I’ll have to think about what to do with it then. Maybe I can find someone else in the family that will appreciate it since you obviously don’t.

Kids – Do what you want with it, I’m not going to take it or store it!

I hear this conversation over and over again and it doesn’t happen just between any specific generations. Neither Gen X or Millennials want anything that their Baby Boomer parents have saved for them. Heck, I don’t want my parents stuff (except for maybe a few things that I know that I have room for).

The idea of holding on to things for generations to enjoy is not of interest to today’s Millennials or Gen X. They want to live a very minimalistic life. They want to have what they need and that’s about it. Nothing more, nothing less – and if it wears out, they will just replace it. They aren’t into buying “stuff” with the thought that it will last forever.

Toss in a few life changing events like a death, divorce or receiving a cancer diagnosis and the thought of what to do with everything becomes overwhelming. Check out this Article from AOL.com, parents are paying up to $5,000 to get rid of their stuff!  

This is why the Professional Organizing industry is booming right now. We currently service about 15 families a month (along with several businesses).

What makes Organization Direct different? We service both local and non-local families (through online coaching) to help them get organized. If you are local, we are making those donations for you (in your name for tax purposes). You don’t have to do the “grunt” work to get everything out the door and down to the donation site. Also, we don’t just work with just the elderly generation – like Senior Move Managers. We work with families with young children, parents with adult children and grandparents who don’t know what to do with their stuff (because their kids don’t want it).

A lot of our clients hire Organization Direct because they have already experienced the stress and overwhelm of having to downsize their parent’s belongings (and they aren’t waiting around until something happens before they downsize themselves).

If you are ready to make a decision to downsize and get organized, click here to schedule a phone call with Linda. The next step is to schedule a Free Consultation (for locals). If you are not within a 35 mile range of Linda there will be a small Consultation fee which is applied to your project if you choose to work together.

Don’t wait any longer. Let Organization Direct and their team help you get organized!