Get Organized with ADD


Have you ever wondered how to get organized with ADD? How many projects have you started (and not finished). Do you struggle to stay focused to see a project through to the end – and ever wonder why other people can stay focused (and you, well, not so much)?


One of the biggest struggles for someone who lives with ADD or ADHD is the simple act of making a decision. They tend to ask themselves the question, “what if”!  Should I? Shouldn’t I?  What if I decide that I want to change it later? What if this organizing system doesn’t work for me?


Asking “what if” will keep you from making a decision. Usually because you are worried that your “final answer” has to be the really “final answer”.

So much of the time we are worried about having the “perfect” answer or solution. Being perfect doesn’t serve a purpose. The wait involved in finding the perfect solution to an organizing situation will keep you from making any decision at all. And how productive is that?

Not making a decision seems to be easier than the stress and overwhelm of making the wrong decision.

Some of the other struggles that those with ADD deal with on a daily basis are:

  1. Learning to prioritize
  2. The creation of habits and routines
  3. Finding the right level of focus
  4. The Challenge of Clutter
  5. Dealing with paper and mail
  6. Setting (and sticking to) deadlines
  7. Multiple uncompleted projects
  8. Scheduling their time appropriately
  9. Overcommitting themselves
  10. Managing their time appropriately
  11. Sticking to a budget
  12. Making impulse decisions – like shopping!


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Linda Clevenger

Organization Direct