man working in office

Advantages of an Organized Workplace

They say a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind. While this may or may not be true, an organized workspace creates a better impression and can save valuable time and energy. Another old adage is “Time is money,” and even small bits of wasted time add up, like drips from a faucet can fill a sink.

Increased Efficiency
Digging through a pile of papers to find one particular memo, scrolling through hundreds of emails to locate a specific one, emptying your drawer to find stapler refills…all these little actions suck up time. Two minutes here, a minute there can add up to 15 minutes or more over the course of a day, a few hours over the course of a week, and a lot more over the course of a year.

Not only that, having to stop and search means that your thought process is interrupted. When you finally pull out the information you need, it may take extra time to get back into the flow of your task.

Improved Performance
Staying organized means there’s a lot less chance of missing deadlines or being late for meetings. Part of professional organization is maintaining user-friendly calendars that keep you on track and on time. It’s better to be noticed for being punctual and reliable than late and questionable.

Reduced Stress
Naturally enough, a by-product of increased high-quality output and better time management is workplace stress reduction. Not being able to find things can start an unpleasant domino effect. Besides the frustration of not being able to lay your hands on the item you need, you may be embarrassed if a coworker is standing there watching you struggle.
This increased anxiety gets worse if it’s your boss standing there.

It may also start a stressful internal dialogue if you have a nagging inner voice. “I can’t believe I can’t find that paper. I am always losing things. What a space cadet I am! Why can’t I be more organized?” This negativity increases stress, leads to distracted thinking, and then to loss of efficiency and productivity.

Getting Organized
All of these benefits sound great, but sometimes organizing can feel overwhelming. Where do you begin? How can you make it sustainable?

We can help. Our one-day office organizing seminar is packed with humor, stories, and dozens of hands-on activities to get your work area streamlined. Our flexible solutions will fit your needs, creating systems you will continue to use long after the course is over.