tangled christmas lights

How to Declutter Christmas Decorations

The holidays are a wonderful time of year full of good cheer, scrumptious treats and hot chocolate with friends and family. It can also be a stressful time, as we try to unravel Christmas lights for our home. If it’s time for a change when it comes to dealing with these holiday decorations, then consider decluttering the ornaments, tinsel and tree toppers.

Over the years, it’s easy to accumulate Christmas decorations. We receive them as gifts or buy them at the local craft fairs. The problem is eventually we don’t know what we have, or even what is in all those cardboard boxes marked Christmas decorations.

Decluttering and organizing those decorations is the key to a seamless holiday season. To get started, grab three boxes and mark each one with the following:

  1. Keep
  2. Give
  3. Trash

We recommend grabbing a glass of eggnog and putting on some Christmas music for this next part, to get you in the mood. Next, go through every box of decorations and determine if the items serve a purpose or bring joy to the household. If the answer is no and it’s a decoration that’s still in good shape, then it goes in the Give box to be donated.

There are decorations that we love but won’t necessarily use every year since it doesn’t fit in with our holiday theme, and these are okay to keep. There are also sentimental items which should be stored away in the Keep box. On the other hand, that box of tangled tinsel that hasn’t been used for years is a good candidate for the trash.

Once the decorations have been broken down by category, then we like to remove the trashed items and the box of donations as soon as possible. The boxes of kept items can then be organized into the following categories:

  1. Lights
  2. Ornaments
  3. Holiday decor
  4. Lawn ornaments
  5. Window and door decorations

It’s best to store these holiday decorations in clear plastic bins for easy access for next year.

We know that holiday decluttering can be overwhelming at times, and that’s why we’re here to help. Contact us today and our professional organizers will provide efficient services for your home, so you can enjoy the holidays this year.