Top 5 Reasons Why we Struggle to Get Organized

The top 5 reasons why we struggle to get organized are – in no particular order:

  1. Time
  2. Energy
  3. Inability to make decisions (or worry about making the wrong decisions)
  4. Distractions
  5. Help

Our time is so stretched with kids, spouses, work, home, activities and just the daily running of a household. We try to do it all but life is just more complicated than it used to be.

Unorganized Garage

One of the biggest contributors, I believe, is our distractions by the internet, social media and feeling like we are missing something super important if we don’t pull up our Pinterest boards every day!

And wow…if we ever get sick (or the kids get sick) everything gets put on hold while we focus on getting better – and just a few days can cause more chaos and overwhelm that can take a week or more to overcome.

Here are how I have overcome all of these issues myself:

Time – I started using a calendar to document everything. This kept me from overbooking myself (and I learned how to say “no”).

Energy – Up until a few years ago I was up at 4:00 am “working” and was so proud of how much I could accomplish before everyone else got out of bed in the morning! Well, that has changed now. I started taking better care of me. I joined a gym that I absolutely love, I started taking Juice Plus and EHT to help me stay healthier and I started delegating more responsibilities to my husband and little girl.

Decisions – Don’t overthink everything! It will keep you from moving forward. Nothing will happen until something happens.

Distractions – This is huge!  I work with a lot of families who struggle with ADD and ADHD and staying focused is an issue that causes stress an overwhelm. One way to stay focused is to work from a To Do List that you can manage. And, of course, checking off everything that you do during the day helps to create the feeling of accomplishment! Some of my best tips to avoid distractions are:

  • Stop checking emails all day
  • Schedule your social media time
  • Time-box your activities
  • Stop multi-tasking. Focus on one activity at a time.
  • Develop a weekly schedule and stick to it.


Help – Don’t feel like you have to do everything yourself. Hey, even the organizer hired someone to help her get organized!  Yup!!! I had someone help me with my own kitchen a few years ago. People, friends co-workers, neighbors can be that extra hand that you need to accomplish more than you imagined – and I am just a phone call away too.

Identify why you struggle to get organized and do something about it. It is time to step it up and take over your life. And, if you need a little help, give us a call.