True Story – Organization Direct

Organization is their calling!

For years I wished the cleaning fairy would come to my house while I was away; however, each time I opened my front door I realized the fairy had not stopped at my house. Very disappointed, I vowed to start cleaning up “the next day” and every day I said I would start “tomorrow.” Needless to say, I was angry and frustrated with myself…excuses were just that and I needed to just get it done.

My friend Mary and I had talked about hiring someone to help us in our houses so when my sister hired Organization Direct and was VERY happy with their work, Mary hired them to help her. She was thrilled with how Linda worked and how she instilled confidence…my house was next!
I was in total, high anxiety mode at the thought of just letting anyone see behind my front door. My PTSD had ruled my world for so long, I just had to take back control.

Linda put me at ease from our first meeting – we did a FaceTime evaluation so she would have an idea of what we were up against.

Once Linda and Mary crossed the threshold, I was determined to purge and organize…Linda said I was “brutal.”

With encouragement from Linda, Mary and my family, I have made great strides. I’ve made on-the-spot decisions and they were FINAL – NO RETURNS! I threw out or donated an amazing amount of memories. I found taking a picture of an item was satisfactory so if someone else could use it, away it went. Most of my donations went to wounded warrior organizations – Linda is a military family member as are we so we all clicked.

She has been to my house several times and spent hours. HOWEVER, the best thing she did for me was give me the confidence to know I could work on my house between her visits. For instance, she and Mary sorted laundry in garbage bags so it wasn’t so intimidating…it took an entire day to get the laundry done, but it was worth it! I also kept working on areas of the house we had not finished. Linda wasn’t focused just on making money, she gave me tools to help myself!

I’ve sent her pictures of each hill I climbed and she has responded with positive notes about each one. Clearly, she has been inspiring – organizing is her job; instilling hope through organization is her mission!

Thanks to Linda and Mary, my house is on its way to being my respite again!

If you need non-judgmental help, Organization Direct is your best bet…Linda has become family!