How to Get Organized

How to get organized is where so many people get “stuck”. They become focused on “how” and “why” they can’t get organized and this stops them from being able to even get started with the process of elimination, purging and donating items. It is like driving down the road and hitting a “STOP” sign every 100 feet.

The thing is that there is no right or wrong way to organize but “nothing happens until something happens” – but there is still the question of  “How to Get Organized”.  

I am writing about this because I don’t want you to ever, ever feel like you are the only person who struggles with wondering how to get organized. I’ve said it before (mainly because I have experienced it first hand).  Life happens and sometimes it is out of your control. I wasn’t in control when my husband fell off of the roof almost 10 years ago and crushed his heel.

What I was in control of were the decisions that I made over the next 2 years while he was going through surgery after surgery. And, I will be the first to tell you that keeping my home “organized” was not the priority back then. I was lucky to be putting one foot in front of the other every day to keep his spirits up, keep business going, taking him to doctor appointments (and spending 2 hours on the road to get there and back), keeping up with the laundry and grocery shopping and finding a little time to take care of myself.

10 years later, I am in a much different place and finally (yes, finally) organizing some areas of my home that I haven’t been able to take care of before. Why? Because now they are a priority! And I don’t feel guilty even for a minute for it taking so long!  Over this time I have been able to build my business and had the opportunity to serve several hundred families and businesses.

I know How to Get Organized, I just needed to time to do it – and the time is now!

When you think about How to Get Organized the following is required:

  1. Why – Recognize that getting organized is healthy –  you will feel better or you will be able to define your space
  2. Energy – the ability to stick with the process until it is done
  3. Action Plan – what needs to happen first and who needs to be involved
  4. Time – Scheduling time on your schedule is a must
  5. Accountability – a friend (or me) who will not let you off the hook and hold you accountable to doing something every day.

Let’s just be honest here. If you think that as an Organizer my home and office look like a picture in a magazine, you are wrong! I have 4 people and 3 generations living in my home and for me to expect everything to be perfectly organized is not a reality.


My reality is:

  1. I don’t spend time looking for anything because it all has a home (and sometimes that home needs a little organizing love)
  2. I have learned to be flexible with clients, family and activities  – because I can easily become a workaholic (which is not healthy).
  3. I schedule “family time” months in advance. This includes 3 months of UVA football games and at least 4 long weekend trips a year in the RV
  4. I don’t get anal about everything being perfect. That is not what I call living
  5. I have prepared my husband to be able to put our granddaughter’s hair in a pony tail, check her 4th grade homework and pack her lunch in case I ever need to make an emergency trip to NJ to take care of my aging parents. (oh…and she just got straight A’s on her report card!)

Check in every month because I will be posting pictures of my own organizing process and I would love to help you through your process too.