Do You Know These Phone Numbers?

5 Phone Numbers to Save in Your Cell Phone….

Here are my top 5 phone numbers to save in your cell phone and be ready in an emergency!  

5 Phone Numbers to Keep Handy

  1. What if you were in a car accident? Of course, I would give the police my insurance card – but it is always a great idea to have your insurance agent programmed into your phone. I keep mine saved under State Farm (since we have been with the same agent for 25 years).

2. Your child’s school. There have been several times over the last year that I have decided to pick up my little girl from school early – to surprise her. It is important to tag the phone number as the name of the school. I made this mistake, I tagged the phone number of day care as “Faith’s school”. Oops….That is not her school. So, I have both numbers saved as “Faith’s school” and “Faith’s Daycare”. Why worry about having to remember which number is which?

3. An emergency support number like your Pastor or church (or maybe your counselor).  I’ve experienced times where I needed a helping hand and support because of a situation that was out of my control and I needed to speak to someone immediately. This would be a time that I panic sets in quickly. At that moment I felt very lonely and needed my support system. Even though I know that my pastor may not be available immediately, he will call me back as soon as humanly possible and relieve my anxiety and stress.

4. The local hospital(s). Who calls the hospital unless it is an emergency? With my parents in NJ, (like here), they have several hospitals that they could be taken to in case of an accident. I keep all of the hospital numbers (3 of them) in my phone so that I don’t have to spend the time googling the phone number.

5. Your vet. Your pet is an extension of your family and you treat them like family. Keep that phone number handy and list it under “Vet”.


Watch for more tips to Be Prepared later this week….