Self Management vs. Time Management

Are you aware of the difference between self management vs. time management?

There is a difference between the self management and time management….you can not manage your time – however, your time can manage you, if you don’t manage yourself.

Everything we do is a choice – this is why our productivity (or lack of it) is all about self management. Every day we decide:

  1. When we will get up in the morningSelf Management (1)
  2. Whether we overbook our schedule
  3. Whether we choose to be happy or not

One of the biggest reasons that I feel cause a lack of self management are:

  1. Overthinking the obvious
  2. Creating drama where there should not be drama
  3. Thinking that everything needs to be our problem (when it isn’t something that we can fix)

The best ways that I found to manage myself is to:

  1. Consider the risks then make a decision – stop second doubting yourself
  2. Remember this quote, “not my circus…not my monkey”
  3. Work from a schedule that allows down time for me
  4. Plan ahead (this has been really helpful with my new food planning)
  5. Keep your organizing systems simple and allow your family to help

I implement all of these ways to help me manage myself to make sure that I don’t run out of time!


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