Important Docs…Where are They?

It probably has been a while since you needed your important docs. So where are they and what is considered an important doc?lifeincase-291x300

I remember dreading registering my children for Kindergarten and looking at the list of requirements. “Where are their shot records?” “We moved last year and I’m sure that they are in the metal box – but where did that get stored with the move? It could be in the storage unit, bedroom closet or somewhere else. I think I’m sure that it didn’t get unpacked”.  UGH!!!

There are some very important documents that we need to have just a few times a year (or maybe even a few times during your lifetime). And, since it has been several years (and a lot has happened during that time), where are those documents? Remembering it all is not an option.

Some of the important docs that immediately come to mind for me are:

  1. Social Security Cards
  2. Shot records
  3. Medical Records (especially if you are in the military)
  4. Wills
  5. Power of Attorneys
  6. Transcripts/high school and college
  7. Marriage Certificate
  8. Birth Certificate
  9. Diplomas
  10. Divorce and/or Settlement Docs
  • And as much as I really don’t like having a copy of my husband’s first marriage certificate and divorce decree, it is a necessity – one of those documents that I would like to throw out but….oh well!

Here is a Funny story about important documents!!

I met and married my husband at a young age…I was 21! So, for 21 years, my birth certificate had been sitting in my parent’s safe. It wasn’t until my husband and I went to apply for our marriage certificate that we realized that my birth certificate said that I was a “male”. I will always remember my husband saying, “is there something that I need to know”? What do we do now? We had a short time frame to get everything together because he was in NJ on 10 days of leave (active duty Marine Corps stationed in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii). Thank goodness for small towns where everyone knows everyone and it was not difficult to get a replacement birth certificate that made me a “female”.

It is hysterical now….33 years ago… not so much!

Then- this is an even better story….when I became the Power of Attorney for my sister (last summer), I had to go to the County to get a copy of her marriage certificate and a few other documents. This is when I found out that the Birth Certificate that I replaced 33 years ago was not a valid birth certificate…What in the World?

So, while I was in NJ for the weekend, taking care of my sister’s needs, I decided that I would go ahead and get a new copy of everything! I now have a valid Marriage License (which by the way they had to dig out of the archives because the Pastor never registered it with the County), and I have a valid Birth Certificate. Guess I’m “legitimate” now.

I never would have thought about any of this if I wasn’t put in the position of becoming my sister’s POA.

This is all information that we don’t really want to think about but it is necessary. And, it is just the beginning!

Have you thought about where to keep your important documents? Are they spread out, throughout the house or in multiple filing cabinets?

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