First 5 Daily Organizing Tips

Here are my first 5 daily organizing tips. When you are organized and have less clutter, you will live a healthier life.

Absolutely! Clutter affects our attitude, emotions and physical health.

Here are my first 5 tips to help you on your way to gaining control of your clutter. Once your clutter is under control you will be able to concentrate on YOU!

Set aside time every day for the following – it may only be 15 minutes but do it!

  1. Make your bed Рthis is less than 10 minutes of your time 
  2. Take 15 minutes for yourself. Just relax and enjoy the birds chirping with a morning cup of coffee or tea. If this means getting up 15 minutes earlier, do it! You deserve it.
  3. Clear your counters (or at least one area of them) and then do your best to keep it that way all week!
  4. Make a basic look through your mail and toss all the trash. Make an immediate decision about what to toss.
  5. Put that stack of clothes away now! Even if the dresser is messy – put them away. One step at a time.

How will these steps help your health? You will have the feeling of accomplishment, reduction in your stress and know that you have reached at least a few tiny goals every day! It’s not about reaching the end goal right away – it is all the little steps that need to happen along the way. #consistency #goals