Let’s Make it a Habit!

Are there certain things that you do every day? They are your habits!

You are already doing it – you just don’t know it. What are some things that you do every day? Brush your teeth, shower, go to the office (at the same time every day). This is what you may call life – but I consider it to be a habit – a routine that you do at least 5 days a week (well, I’m hoping that you brush your teeth every day).

motivationI dedicated this month to the creation of the habit of writing in my Journal. I have always heard about the mental, emotional and psychological benefits of journaling every day. I just didn’t think that I had the time to do it.

How did I create the habit of journaling every day and how has it changed my life?

First – I had to decide “when” I had 20 minutes a day to write. My goal is to write 2-3 pages a day – about 500 words. I am a morning person so it made sense that I put journaling into my morning schedule.

My mornings start earlier than most, because about 6 months ago I started the habit of going to a Boot Camp at 5:00 am. So….yes, I do my journaling at 4:00 am! It is a great way for me to brain dump first thing in the morning.

When: 4:00 – 4:30 am

Second – What would I use for my journal. The journals that you buy in the store are just so expensive and, after all, it is paper! If the type of paper and type of journal makes a difference for you, then by all means visit your nearest book store and purchase a journal that resonates with you and your personality. This may be the reason that you are able to create and maintain your new habit! I chose a spiral bound notebook that allows me to flip the pages easily.

Third – Who would hold me accountable? For this, I have a friend and colleague that I talk to several times a week and I check in with them to share my success! Always End the Day..
Now for confession time – I do not wake up at 4:00 am on the weekends to write in my journal. And this is why it is so hard for me to keep up the habit on the weekends. I step out of my routine (because I don’t go to boot camp on weekends) either.

So, I had to figure out when I would do my writing on the weekend. Mornings still work best for me so I write with a cup of coffee. Sometimes this is 6:00 am and other mornings it is as late as 7:00 am.

I recently posted this article on my Facebook page – you may find it helpful. 21 Habits of Highly Successful People.

And, according to Amy Cuddy, a Harvard Psychologist, there is one easy habit that you can do right in bed that can make a difference in your day!

Some of the benefits of good habits are:

  1. Physically, you will feel better. You will be able to push yourself past the little things that had been stopping you before.
  2. Mentally, you put yourself in a “good” place
  3. When writing in my journal, I do a brain dump. I translate what is on my mind to my journal I talk about what I will do that day, how I will do it and how I will feel when it is done. I “claim” my day. It releases emotions that can keep me from being productive throughout the day.
  4. It is therapeutic. Did you know that putting a pencil to paper creates electricity? Everything in life is electricity and so it rejuvenates our brain when we journal.
  5. It helps me stay focused and productive. The way you start your day will dictate your day. So, if journaling is not a habit your habit, decide what it is that you can do to change your life – in just 20 minutes a day.Success Habits

I hope that you are able to create just 1 small habit this month. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Make your bed
  • Prepare your meals ahead of time
  • Create a To Do List every night
  • Create a Daily Schedule to keep yourself on task. Use a timer if necessary
  • Get enough sleep….going to bed at a specific time and getting enough sleep will help you be productive every day

Want help creating a habit? Call today for a Limited offer consultation and follow up to help create habits and the life that you deserve.