Here are Organizing Tips 6-10

Here are Organizing Tips 6-10 (along with the first 5 tips you can make an impact)

Clutter Stress

  1. Make your bed – this is less than 10 minutes of your time 
  2. Take 15 minutes for yourself. Just relax and enjoy the birds chirping with a morning cup of coffee or tea. If this means getting up 15 minutes earlier, do it! You deserve it.
  3. Clear your counters (or at least one area of them) and then do your best to keep it that way all week!
  4. Make a basic look through your mail and toss all the trash. Make an immediate decision about what to toss.
  5. Put that stack of clothes away now! Even if the dresser is messy – put them away. One step at a time.


Now for Tips 6-10

6. Make sure that you fit some type of exercise into your day. Even if it is for a walk around the block – start somewhere…do something for yourself. It will clear your head and help you stay focused on self-management

7. Make sure that you are using a calendar for all of your appointments. It doesn’t matter if it is electronic or paper but keep all of your appointments listed in one place! It will save you time and frustration trying to remember everything.

8. Regarding your health, schedule a time to go through your closet and eliminate what you don’t need (what is old and out of style….or not your style any more). The closet clutter (clothes too small and clothes too big) can cause mind games. Start with just a few pieces – you don’t have to do it all now

9. My sock tip!!  This is one of the best things that I have done in a long time. And it just involves a lingerie bag. My husband wears dress socks (which are expensive to replace all the time). So, we bought a Norwex lingerie bag (but any one will do). He puts his socks into the lingerie bag and then I toss it into the washer/dryer once a week. The socks all stay together and he has not lost a sock in months!

10. Find someone that will support you and your efforts to become organized. Someone that will not let you off the hook…someone that will tell you the truth (even if you don’t want to hear it) and someone who will celebrate the small successes with you. Remember – this may not be your best friend or relative. It may be a coworker or a neighbor. Just make sure that this person knows your goal and will keep it real!
Stay tuned for next week’s tips!!