Success Magazine CEO – Everything is a Choice

No matter what happens in life or business…the results that we receive are directly related to the fact that everything is a choice. How you handle a situation is a choice, your reaction is a choice and, more importantly, your response is a choice.  So, is it really bad when things don’t go your way – or the way that you anticipated that they would happen? I used to think so, but not anymore.

Clutter is a Choice
Clutter is a Choice



Sometimes it is hard to realize why “things” happen. I call these things – Life moments! This is especially hard when things don’t go your way – or the way that you believe things should happen. After all, that wasn’t in your master plan, right?

It is easy to become caught up in the belief that life situations can be really bad. I know, because this used to be me. It used to be my personality and was my situation. The more that I focused on negative thoughts, the more negativity I produced.

I used to immediately go into negativity mode and panic – and sometimes even have an anxiety attach at the least little event. That was, until I heard someone else’s situation and then my situation just didn’t seem so bad anymore. At that point, I would kick myself for going into the panic mode and stressing myself out. However, my negative mindset stayed until I chose to change my thought patterns and my outlook at everything.

Just 1 Hour of Organizing
Just 1 Hour of Organizing


My biggest take-away from hearing Darren Hardy, CEO of Success Magazine, speak at my Young Living Essential Oils

Conference was….”Everything is a Choice”. Of course, this is nothing new. However, hearing it reiterated over and over by Darren Hardy, who is extremely successful, really resonated with me.

This simple comment has changed my family in the last month. My husband traveled with me to the Conference and he was the first to implement change. He stopped drinking soda – specifically Dr. Pepper (which he absolutely loved). He now only drinks water (which essential oil in it). It is amazing…he feels  He is happier, has more energy and feels better too. One small (but big) change made the difference in a short period of time.


There were so many things that happened while we were on our vacation that could have caused a ton of stress. We almost were in a serious accident, several nights we didn’t have a place to park the camper until the last minute, and we almost ran out of gas. My disclaimer to the above – It was not my Choice!  However, everything worked out just fine.

This is just a few instances where my choice to panic could have taken over and caused a ton of stress. Not having a place to camp for the night and running out of gas were driving my organized personality crazy….but I chose not to become stressed about it – rather, I chose to believe that it would all be ok. I seriously, didn’t stress at all.

Next time, however, our choices will be to book a reservation (especially in a National Park) earlier than the day of…and, definitely keep at least one-quarter of a tank of gas in the vehicle. (Please make a note that I was Not driving).

Everything is a choice…this includes the decisions that we make and whether we panic or stress out.