Staying Organized Through Life is Emotional


Lavender Fields
Lavender Fields

Staying organized is an emotional process. Being organized doesn’t happen “naturally” to everyone. Whether it is in your home or business, emotions – both positive and negative – play a key role in our ability to stay organized and in our lack of organization. When negative emotions come into the picture, it can be difficult to find the ability to make any decision at all.  The ability to realize quick and easy solutions can be skewed by the inability to focus. This is why having simple solutions is so important in the organization of your space and daily systems and processes. Your mindset will allow you to stay organized when your emotions are telling you that you “need” to keep something that has no purpose.

Dealing With Emotions and Staying Organized

There are so many things that can take us off track and keep us organized. It is easy to lose focus and begin the road of the unorganized when emotions take control of our lives. And, I’m not just talking about being depressed! Staying organized and focused can be just as difficult when great things happen that take our attention away from what is really important. Staying focused and emotionally balanced in order to reach daily, weekly and monthly goals is an area that most of us can use a little extra help.

My Emotional Rollercoaster

The first 3 years of my business was an emotional roller coaster. As an Organizer, you would think that we have it all in the bag. After all, we are organized, right! However, life happened to me, just like it can happen to anyone reading this blog. This is why I can understand what you are going through as an Entrepreneur, mom, business-owner and in daily life. So how did I deal with the rollercoaster of emotions?

How I Keep My Emotions in Check

Thankfully, I had been introduced to my Business Coach, Melanie Yost of melanieyost.com. In Melanie’s business, she incorporates the use of Young Living Essential Oils. Through Melanie’s guidance, I used Young Living’s Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to help keep my life and business in check and stay focused and organized. Without these oils, I am confident that my life would be different – and I don’t mean that in a good way. The use of Essential Oils have kept my emotions in check, helped me deal with stress and anxiety and stay focused every day.

My Favorite Essential Oils

Staying organized is easier when you develop daily habits. Some of my daily habits include using my favorite Young Living Essential Oils:

  1. A few drops of Lemon Essential Oil in each glass of water helps reduce stress and is very uplifting and revitalizing and a powerful antioxidant. (For more information about Lemon Oil, check out our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/orgdir)
  2. I rub Believe Essential Oil on the back of my neck, around to the front of my neck and cup my hands to my nose and breathe it in deep. Believe has a steadying, balancing effect on emotions that helps move me into a higher level of awareness.
  3. I also put a few drops of Lavender on the pillow of my little girl when she is having trouble sleeping. It is very soothing and relaxing and helps her get a really good night sleep.

Staying Organized is an Emotional Process. However, there are opportunities for you can take charge of your emotions, naturally.  I hope that if you have any questions about the use of Young Living Essential Oils you will contact me. I will be happy to answer any of your questions. Please know that the use of Essential Oils is not intended to replace your doctor.

Linda Clevenger, Organization Direct