In the Event of a Disaster

Have you ever really given thought to the question – Are You Prepared in the event of disaster?  When is the last time that you checked to verify that you had all of your important documents available and at your fingertips?


Natural Disaster
Are You Prepared for a Disaster?

How do you feel when you lose your phone or your computer crashes – and you have lost all of your contact information. We are so used to hitting a key combination or searching for phone numbers on our phones – we don’t have to memorize the number any more.

Where would you find the contact information that you would need in the event of a disaster? Besides my client and affiliate contacts, I think about things like having my Life Insurance policies, birth certificates, social security cards, Will, family phone numbers, etc.


Having a designated place that you can quickly and easily pick up all of your pertinent and important paperwork is a must. This should be something such as a locked box of some type that is fireproof. And, don’t forget about the key for the lock box…this is something that you can keep in the glove compartment of your car or in a hidden lockbox outside the home. Another option is to give a duplicate key to a family member that lives close by – but not in your neighborhood.

Most of the paperwork in your emergency file box are items that you only every several years or so. Birth certificates are a perfect example. It isn’t very often that you need a birth certificate, however, it is a real hassle, expense and stress to have it replaced. Recently, we needed to have an original birth certificate for our little girl to start school. When it came up missing, it held up her school registration for 2 weeks. Shot records and passports are other forms of personal paperwork that should be kept in an appropriate box and under lock and key. (A great way to keep it all organized is in your very own Life in Case)

For a business, this could mean your Lease paperwork, legal and incorporation documents. Just start thinking of all of the things that you would need….feeling stressed?


Other information to have in your fire proof box is all of your account information and contact information. This should include things such as your bank account information, credit card information, and password and login information for your accounts.


A part of your disaster plan should be having all of your pertinent information stored on a cloud system. Why? Because having everything stored on a safe and secure cloud system will allow you to easily be able to find your information from anywhere.

This can be an effective way to be able to find everything that you need. The system that I use to keep all of my client information, contact information and files stored on the Cloud is MobilLogic. The MobilLogic system works perfectly to organize everything for my business (and personal information).  I’d be happy to schedule a conference call to talk to you about MobilLogic.


If we had a magic ball we could predict life and our business. Since, we don’t, consider having a disaster plan for your business and your home. You won’t regret the time and effort that you spent organizing and preparing in the event of a disaster.

I’d love to hear your disaster success stories.

Linda Clevenger, Organization Direct