Summer Organizing

Summer Organizing

It is now officially summer.   Where has the year gone?  Do you still have rooms to organize that were on your list last summer?  You aren’t alone. 

When you think about getting organized does it just stress you out?  You don’t really “want” to spend your entire summer getting organized, do you?  This is a great time to enlist the help of your family and teach children habits that they can take into the school year.  You have just about enough time to make the following habits stick:

What does getting organized bring to mind for you? Does it mean putting in many hours and blood, sweat and tears before you will become more efficient? Does it mean lots of hard work to accomplish important and necessary tasks? Do you procrastinate when it comes to getting organized because you feel it is too daunting a job? Organizing does not have to be thought of as a chore. There are ways to turn organizing into something enjoyable and fun to do.

1.  Make organizing fun!  Turn on your favorite music and dance.   Get yourself in a good mood by making fun of the whole process.  You’ll enjoy singing your way through your clutter.

2.  Coordinate your organizing routine by breaking it down into morning and afternoon activities.  Make sure that you schedule in a morning break and afternoon break.  Work in one specific area at a time and stay focused on that area.  Don’t let your mind and focus wander on to another time or place!

3. Get help.  You don’t have to organize alone.  Get everyone in the house involved.  Make it a family affair.  Make it a game.  Give each person an assignment and a challenge.  Offer a reward at the end of every assignment and a bigger reward at the end.  One of our rewards is to rent a movie from the local RedBox or Blockbuster dispenser. 

4. Don’t do it all in one day.  Break it up into smaller portions that you can work on a little each day.  You’ll give up quicker if you set high expectations.  If, however, you just gget on a roll and keep tossing, decluttering and organizing, give yourself kudos for a job well done!  I think this is one of the biggest obstacles that we struggle with when it comes to organizing.  No one says, “Job, well done!”  So why not tell yourself.  Post a sign on the closet….I’m now organized, treat me well! 

5.  Peter Walsh, Organizing Specialist with The Oprah Show says that organization means more time to spend with family and enjoy the extra daylight. “The words organic and organize have the same root, he says “Organic makes me think of things that are fresh, natural, whole and healthy–and organization bring the same mood into a space.  Dedicate the time this summer to make your space clear, clutter-free and organized with the help of family, friends or a Professional Organizer.