Organizing Habits Are Necessary

Begin changing your habits and you will become organized. 

The lack of organization is directly related to our daily habits.  Having a small list of things that you do automatically, because they are a habit, will help you keep your day organized and reduce the clutter.  So many times I see the same situation in homes and offices.  There is no system to deal with the daily activities necessary to stay organized.  Developing a system of these 6 simple things that you can do every day…as a habit…will help keep you organized every day.  They don’t take much time. The benefits of making no agonizing decisions won’t take much of your time, honestly. 

Procrastinating is just a waste of time.  Thinking about doing these small habits isn’t beneficial.  Like Nike says, “Just Do It”.   Make your list of daily habits manageable and organized.   These six daily habits are quick, easy and don’t take much time at all; but will set the tone for your day and night.  Post your list on a white board in the refrigerator or in the bathroom on your mirror.  Put it somewhere that you will see it first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. 

Statistics say that it takes 21-28 days to form a new habit.  Turning what was a chore or task into a habit will allow you to change your mindset and get more done.  Changing these 6 chores into a habit that you do every day, without fail, will allow you to stay organized and manage your time. 

1.  Make your bed every day.  This may seem weird but statistics say that making your bed every day it allows your brain to start functioning in an organized manner.  You are accomplishing a goal immediately  and it will set the tone for your day (which is important)…and making your bed is simple.  It will literally take only 2 minutes of your time.  You have 2 minutes….honest, you do!!  Don’t hesitate or procrastinate.  Set the daily habit.

2.  Open the mail every day.  Don’t let it go into the piled high and deep mode on your kitchen counter or table.  Pile management is not an option and paperwork and mail is a great cause of stress and anxiety.  It can result in unpaid bills and missed deadlines.  Trash or shred all mail that isn’t necessary, immediately.  Make an immediate decision as to whether you will keep a magazine or catalog.  Don’t linger about the idea of keeping it…you can get it online!

3.  File your paperwork.  Have a simple filing system set up that allows you to make File Daily Paperworka decision about your daily paperwork.  I use a portable filing system that has these basic files:  To Do, To File, To Read, Waiting and Resources.    Make it a daily habit to file your mail into your portable system and schedule yourself once a week to file everything away.  Starting fresh every week will only take a few minutes of your time and keep paperwork from piling up.  These portable file boxes can be found at your local department stores or office supply stores, i.e. Staples, Office Depot, Wal-Mart or Target. 

4.  Use a small basket or tray to keep items in it that you use every day.  Everyone in our family uses the key rack to hang up their keys every night.  This makes it quick and easy to find them.  There is not much that is worse than searching for car or house keys.  We also have one place in our home to hold cell phones, ipods and other electronic items.  Stop looking for the phone that is on silent and even if you call if, you won’t be able to find it!  And, because of the large amount of electronic devices we have, especially if you have children, I also recommend that you use a piece of masking tape to tag the cords of electronic devices.  Make a note on the masking tape what that charger is for.  Every device has its own charger and without the charger, you have just wasted your money!  If you are a family that has a lot of chargers to keep track of, make it a habit to put them all in a basket or bowl and keep it in a central location so that everyone knows where to find their chargers.

5.  Make a To Do list.  This can be a list of simple tasks that you need to accomplish To Do Listevery day.  I use my day planner for my personal To Do List.  It can be things like; purchase stamps,  call your doctor, renew your driver’s license, etc.  Using your calendar for your To Do list will allow you to keep everything in one place and make it easy to manage your day.  www.plannerpad.com.  I also recommend that you use only one calendar.  Keeping everything in one place is important and having all of your family and business information in one place will keep you from overbooking and help you stay organized.

6.  OrgaReceipt Holdernize your receipts daily.  We collect an abundance of receipts every day.  Figuring out what to do with them can be daunting.  I find that so many times, people let their receipts pile high in their wallet or purse or when emptying their pockets they end up with a stack of receipts that sit on the counter or table.  I have found that using a simple coupon organizer is an easy way to organize receipts.  You can divide the 13 categories into months.  This will allow you to keep all of your receipts in one place and organized.  When you need to find a receipt you simply look under the tab for the appropriate month.  This will save time and money.  And, you can keep the organizer in your car or purse.  It takes just a few seconds to form this habit. 

Developing daily habit is essential to staying organized.   Once you get into the habit of doing just these few things every day you will save time, energy and money and stop the clutter.  This is the beginning of becoming organized daily.  The best thing about becoming organized…Your Love Your Life!