Organizing Your Travel Documents

Do you travel for business or are you traveling this summer?  Worried about what you can use to conveniently keep all of your documents in one place?   I have a solution…and a personal story to share!

I remember how excited I was when we booked out trip to the Bahamas (this was about 15 years ago).  Although my husband had travelled the world, this New Jersey farmer’s daughter, had never had the opportunity to travel anywhere that required that you show more than a driver’s license in order to board the plane.  Boy was I excited….my first “real” vacation!  (Yes, I led a very sheltered life!)

I was SO organized and I was the person in charge of organizing the trip.  I packed up everything well in advance.  Checked and double-checked my list, had everything laid out the night before.  We were ready!   We woke up early and headed to the airport.  As we went through security and then waited to board the plane, I needed to pull out my “ID”.   I had everything tucked away nice and neat and organized except for a small glitch.  I opened my envelope and found everything for my husband and just my driver’s license.  My birth certificate was not in the envelope.  I had checked it a million times…where was it?  CRAP? 

I immediately went into a huge panic.  We had waited SO long for this vacation and how could I have screwed it up by forgetting my birth certificate.  Thankfully,  I had a second form of identification…my military identification card and they let me get on the plane.  I will Never forget that panic feeling.  It was overwhelming.   And, wouldn’t you know, I got on the plane, sat down, opened up my envelope again and there it was…my birth certificate.  How in the world did I miss it?  I know the answer… it was the envelope. 

Today, it is even more important that you have everything accessible.   Having your documentation readily available to you is vital to the ease of your travel.   I love the idea of having everything in one place with the ability tuck it away in a convenient spot.  As you prepare your family for vacation this year, or for your next business trip, I’d like to recommend a product that you can use to keep it all organized.  The Featured Product this month from Smead Organomics – The Travel Organizer.  It gives you space and protection to keep everything that you need handy for your travelling needs.  The handy snap pocket in the front is perfect for keeping your boarding passes, passports, drivers license and any other type of documentation you may need.  There are also 2 convenient sections that allow you to hold larger documents such as birth certificates or driving directions confirmations, itinerary, emergency phone numbers, brochures and   anything else that you may need.  It can also be extremely useful to hold material that you need to review while you are travelling and keep you up to date and on schedule. 

It is just the right size to fit inside your briefcase or laptop case which will ensure that you don’t lose it! Odds are that you won’t leave your laptop behind!    It is perfect for the business traveler or traveling with a family.  It is slim, sleek and requires minimal space and will even fit perfectly into an overnight bag if you travel  with just overhead luggage. 

Wherever you travel this summer keep your systems simple and easy.  Having everything in one place will avoid the panic of trying to figure out where you “put it last”, keep you organized and make your trip much more enjoyable.

Have a great and organized time where your travels take you!  Keeping your travel file handy will allow you to enjoy your time away!

Linda Clevenger