Organize Your Life

Organize Your Life

So, half of the year is now gone.  The official countdown until Christmas is 149 days as of the writing of this article.  That’s just crazy!  How many things are still on your “To Do” list from last year that you still haven’t gotten around to this year?  I thought that I was going crazy when I saw an Back to School sale on the 4th of July! 

But, it’s true. Life can get out of control and it’s time to get organized so that we can enjoy life.

You’ve heard over and over again: Chunk Things Down, Tackle one Space at a Time, Set a Kitchen Timer, Donate, Trash, Sell, Keep, etc.  Well, these are  your normal, everyday tips to organize.  But I want to share with you my personal tips to Organize Your Life.  They are definitely outside the box thinking and  are generic in nature, but the sooner you implement them, the more organized you will be.

Top 5 Tips to Organize Your Life and Keep Your Sanity

1.   Time Management – Build a relationship with time.  Being productive is not difficult, not matter what your situation.  What we do with our time is a choice.  Don’t think of it as an obligation to work on your To Do List but as an opportunity.  Just think what life would be like if you weren’t able to make a To Do List…the alternative is not an option (for me).

2.  Develop and Organize Habits –   Nothing will change until something changes.   Habits take time, energy and consistency.  Lack of consistency is the reason that people think that they can’t change or “that doesn’t work for me”.   We don’t hold ourselves responsible for change because we aren’t willing to put forth the effort to make the change.  Get an accountability partner, a support partner or someone who will hold you accountable to developing new habits.  You don’t have to go it alone.

3.  Be positive, Keep positive, Stay positive!  Don’t let life get you down.  I know, first hand, that you may not be ready for what life has to offer .  No one expects a major, life-changing event to happen tomorrow, but it can happen (and it will).  It happened to my family!  You can never be prepared for the unexpected or unknown…however, you can choose to keep focused on the best possible outcome and let the magic appear.

4.  Manage yourself.  Know when to say “NO”.  Don’t participate in activities or conversations that will bring you down or make you feel negative.  That negative attitude will cause stress and you’ll lose focus.  I think a lot of people consider themselves to be ADD, however, their lack of focus is simply stress because their mind is somewhere else and it keeps them from concentrating on what is important.  Stay focused and achieve your goals. 

4.  Don’t forget about yourself.  To Organize Your Life, you must take care of yourself.  It is hard, sometimes, to realize how taking time out for ourselves will do anything but it is a necessity.  We don’t have to prove anything to anyone by being a Supermom or Superdad.  Take just 15 minutes each morning to meditate, read a positive book, go for a walk, exercise.  Do something to relax yourself and that is constructive.  Taking quiet time every day to help rejuvenate yourself or motivate yourself will help you find more energy to do even more.

Organize Your Life today.  Become an Organized Mom and/or An Organized Entrepreneur.  You don’t have to wait any longer.

Linda Clevenger, Organization Direct LLC