AnOrganized Mind

As we think about the rest of the year it is very easy to become side-tracked and loose focus.  And it is very easy to allow our mind to wander and allow negative thoughts.  Did you know that there are 70,000 negative thoughts that run through our heads every single day.  Do we listen to them?  If we do, this can cause unneeded and unwanted stress and anxiety.

I woke up late this morning (6:00 am) – I’m obviously a morning person.  And as I thought about the Holiday my mind started to wander.   This is the first Christmas since 2006 that my husband is walking without crutches.  I’m not having to really worry about a holiday visit to the hospital this year and that is a huge Blessing!

Then why was I feeling down.  What is with these thoughts that I am feeling?  Do you ever get that way…just can’t put your finger on it?

So I decided to get my mindset under control and organize my thoughts.  I went for a quick and brisk walk around the block.  It was very relaxing.  I found my strides getting bigger and my steps quicker.  Until I heard a noise in the woods.  It was a little scary.  I stopped and turned and there, in the middle of the woods I saw two white tails flashing me as they ran away.  Two beautiful deer who knew that they were safe, in the middle of a neighborhood but with all of the leaves that have fallen on the ground it is difficult for them to be quiet in the woods.

This allowed me to put my mindset back into perspective.  It was peaceful, calm and allowed the negative thoughts to just leave my body.  Nature is truly beautiful and what were the chances that I would get to spend my morning with some of God’s beautiful creatures.  Our thoughts are a choice that we make and these choices can help us keep our mind organized or allow them to stay fuzzy and unclear.

Perhaps you aren’t in a place where you can take a walk whenever these thoughts arrive but there are other exercises that you can do.  Somethings are simply to step away from where you are….i.e. if you are in an office, step outside or into the lobby to a quiet place.

Take some really deep breathes (at least three) and allow your body to totally relax.  Put yourself into a different place and allow yourself to melt into a new place.  Think of a peaceful and calm place and envision yourself in that place.  It could be that you are sitting on the beach or under a tree in the middle of a field of daisies.  Allow your negative thoughts to just melt away from your body and clear the clutter from your mind.  Taking yourself out and away from the space that is causing your anxiety and stress is the important factor in moving away from your negative thoughts to AnOrganized Mind.

Keep positive and allow yourself to recognize how and when you can Organize Your Mind.  AnOrganized Mind will help you have AnOrganized Life!

Linda Clevenger