Saving Holiday Time

Here we are, again.  Headed right into the full-blown Holiday season.  Are your stressed out just thinking about it?  I used to really get stressed out about the idea of shopping.  I’m not the type of person that enjoys shopping.  Standing shoulder to shoulder in line and dealing with unhappy people is not my idea of a good time.

I went to a network meeting today and talked to the owner of a local Book Store in downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia.   It was a very enlightening talk and started me thinking about how and where I will spend my time and money this Holiday season.

Sure, I could support the local chain stores and wind up purchasing a gift for a family member just because I “need” to make a purchase.  I could probably search the entire Wal-Mart or Target and still not find something that I think my daughter and new son-in-law would like.  And would they just keep their gift because they wouldn’t want to hurt my feelings or…do they really want to stand in a long line to return the purchase?

The other available option is to shop local and really help support our economy.   What if you could find just one store that had items to purchase for everyone on your list? In any small town there is typically a “downtown” area with a slue of business owners who would definitely welcome you walking into their front door.   Wouldn’t it be a wonderful feeling of peace and calm?  Imagine the time that you would save!  So many businesses depend on this time of the year to boost sales and I believe that we should help them, however possible.

I’m looking forward to heading to our local Book Store and Coffee Bar to check out what they have to offer.  They have books (of course), cards, specialty gift ideas, jewelry, novelty items and, of course, gift cards!  As I look back through the years where and how I have spent money for the holidays it is becoming obvious to me that supporting local businesses is definitely more rewarding.

What I am looking forward to is:

  • A Smiling and friendly face when I enter the store.
  • Personal service
  • No long lines to wait in for checkout
  • Great conversation
  • A calm and peaceful atmosphere to shop
  • The time that I will save and the enjoyment of the Holiday season
  • A latte to sip on while I patiently and calmly shop

Is there a place in your hometown where you can shop to avoid chaos, overwhelm and anxiety?

Check out your local downtown merchants.  They welcome our business, friendship and support to help them make a difference in our world.

If you are here local, check out The Griffin Book Store and Coffee Bar @ www.thegriffinbookshopcoffeebar.com.  Tell Eileen I said hello!

Here’s to your peaceful shopping this Holiday season!

Linda Clevenger