Physical Clutter and Your Energy

I have been working with a lot of people recently and seeing huge results.  It seems as if their physical clutter is getting in the way of them leading the life that they deserve.  The issues have been having the time to get everything done along with keeping up with their lives…schoolwork, work, commuting, after-school activities, extra-cirrucular activities, laundry, housework…the list goes on and on.  How do you keep up with it all?  How do you enlist help from family members?  How do they make a change?  They have called and asked for help in getting rid of clutter, finding a home for the things that they need and simplifying their lives.  It has been very rewarding. 

What I am noticing is a huge difference in their “energy”.  I just met with a former client last night.  We worked together in February and moved his accounting office from a space that was dull, drab, too small and had employees split into two suites so that the employees couldn’t even talk to each other face to face without having to go out of the office and physically into another suite.  Last night I saw the look on his face…he is “happy”.  In 8 months they have heard these comments from their clients….”this is such a nice place to visit now”.  The office is still organized.  The employees do more than just show up for work now.  They are really enjoying their jobs.  (That is not a concept that is found very often these days).  My client’s exact words were “you should feel the Zen in the office now”.  I can’t wait to go back and visit this week and feel their positive energy.  You too can have this positive feeling.  Organizing your physical space benefits every aspect of your life.

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To Your Organizing Success

Linda Clevenger