Take Back Your Energy

Energy – It is everywhere.  And not the type of energy that is required to run our vehicles or heat and cool our homes.  Energy fuels our every move.  Positive energy will allow us to accomplish our something as simple as our daily tasks.  It will help us reach goals and dreams and move forward in our life and business.  Negative energy can totally stop us in our tracks.  It has the power to keep us from functioning on a daily basis and negative energy is harder to overcome too.  It has a snowball effect, it builds and builds and builds and doesn’t allow us to find the positive in any situation.  

I will be holding a teleclass on Monday, September 27th with Carla Geddes of Infinite Possibilities.  www.ipcoaching.net.  Learn How to Take Back Your Energy….we will be focusing on Physical, Mental and Emotional energy and how it affects our daily lives.  My focus will be on physical energy and how you are affected by your space, i.e. clutter! 

This is a Free Teleclass.  Simply email or call me and I will send you the information needed to be on the call.  The call will begin promptly at 7:30 so join us just a few minutes early and let’s chat.  The call is scheduled to last 60 minutes and will be interactive.  We are looking forward to your thoughts and comments. 

Linda Clevenger