School Organization Tips

Be Organized for School 

To reach any goal you must be organized, have a plan. This is also the toughest step. Where do we begin?  How can we get off to the right start to make this year the best ever?  We can teach our children and students organization at a young age and they will enjoy the benefits for a lifetime.

 One of the most basic things for students is to use their planner for all of their school  and personal activities.  Keeping everything on one calendar is extremely helpful.  Color-coding every type of activity can also help keep track of your time.  Highlight tests, study time, recreational time and homework so that you can see where your time is being spent.  For homework you can also “check it off” when you have turned it in to the teacher.  This will hold you accountable for your actions.

 It is also important to set realistic goals at the beginning of every school year.  One technique to achieve your goals is to chunk them down into small bite.  (This also works well to keep your home and/or office organized).  If your English homework for the week is to read three Chapters in a book, break it down on your calendar into one Chapter a day for three days.  This will ensure that you find the time to actually read the material.  This simple step is actually a basic life skill that can carry your child through their life.

 Developing these simple skills will help keep your student organized throughout the entire school year.  Life is busy and can get in the way so don’t let your small goals be forgotten or misplaced.  Make the decision to become organized and stay organized throughout the year. 

 Linda Clevenger