Are You Procrastinating?

Are You Procrastinating with overdue projects, housework, paperwork, business, school, life?  We all do to some degree.  It is important to acknowledge what is the cause of our Procrastination and how to make a change.  There are only so many hours in a day, days in a week and weeks in a year.  So what can you do to make a difference Now?  As a Professional Organizer, I see situations that have gotten so far out of control that it debilitates a person and/or family’s mental and emotional well-being.  When you decide that you are ready for a mindset shift, there are some easy techniques that will help you through the process.

First – Recognize your Procrastination.  Take a few moments to spend some time with a pen and paper.  Write down the areas that are causing you procrastination and then the reason Why you procrastinate.  An example is:  My filing – I procrastinate because I just don’t like doing paperwork.  It takes too much time and sucks my energy.

Second:  Let’s change your mindset around this perception.  Think about all of the mail that you get.  It is crazy!  How much of it is simply junk.  Is there another option besides stacking it up on the table or counter?  Of course, there is another option.

Third:  Set a goal for yourself and your familyto stop the trend right now.  You are in control of the situation.  What you do with the mail every day is Your Choice!  So let’s concentrate on your mindset about how you are going to change it all…beginning Today!

Fourth:  As soon as you pick up the mail you will spend 3 minutes going through it quickly.  Every piece of junk mail will find a home either in a trash can or in a shredder (which is best kept close to the area that you bring the mail into the home).  Don’t forget to protect your identity by destroying any personal information that may be on the mail.

We just did this last night at one of our “BOrganized” Parties.  Out of a stack of papers that were collecting on top of a microwave, only about 10 of them were actually necessary or valid.  The rest were outdated coupons, old catalogs, newspaper articles and just simply “stuff” that wasn’t needed.

When we analyze the amount of time that projects “actually” take to complete, versus our “perception” of how long they will take to accomplish, we will find out that our Perception is our Procrastination!  Check in with yourself for just a few minutes a day and drop the Procrastination Habit!  Allow your mindset to allow you to make a Change.  And then….Enjoy!

Linda Clevenger